Who is The Public Prosecutor

June 8, 2020

Public Prosecutor is a representative who is appointed by the Central or Regional Government (State, City, Province etc). His duty is to manage and represent the Criminal Cases on behalf of the State. His first and foremost role is to provide justice to people by offering a quality service and properly representing the Government/State. He is supposed to remain as impartial, not personal, and honest with his duty. His job is the duty of much responsibility and status where he has to represent the Government, helping innocents, resolving the dispute in a way so the accused could be punished. Public Prosecutor/Public Prosecutors are always the best of Law, as they are supposed to be. Like other Counties in the world, every emirate has a Public Prosecution Office and the expert Public Prosecutors in UAE. UAE Government has done its best in this regard to provide justice to people and manage the Criminal Trials in a good and quick manner. Though violent crimes are almost zero percent in UAE, however, there are many other crimes which are also considered under Criminal Law e.g. Fraud, Scam, Forgery, Wrongful Representation, Cheque Bounce Cases, Financial Scams and Scandals etc. The Public Prosecution Office provides justice and resolves the Criminal Trials as soon as possible.

Law and Order situation is quite established, maintained in the United Arab Emirates. Justice is not a big issue. UAE government first got prepared the Law e.g. Labour Law, Criminal Law, Property Law etc, and later it got implemented without any difference and discrimination. Its implementation is quite amazing where nobody can be treated beyond the law. If you make a mistake, commit a crime or have the payable obligation for anybody then you cannot get an escape even if you are a citizen. It shows that law is applied equally to everyone. If you are an expatriate and thinking that you cannot get justice because you are on Employment or Business VISA, then it is absolutely wrong. You can certainly get justice. Government prepares and installs the Law, Courts, Judiciary, Public Prosecution for the purpose.

Apart from this, there are many LawyersLegal Consultants, Advocates, Law FirmsDebt Collectors are available who offer you legal support in your any type of legal dispute/matter e.g. Labour and Employment Matter(including dismissals, unpaid end of service benefits, absconding, immigration issues), Criminal and Civil Law disputes(including violence, breach of the law, financial disputes, compensations, bounced cheque cases, partnership issues, business disputes etc), Family Law Matters(including Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Alumni etc), Property Law Matters(including Buying, Selling, Renting etc), Wills and Estate Planning, Cyber Crime Matters, Market Recoveries, Amicable Settlement, Arbitration and More. The experts of Law called Lawyers and Legal Consultants are available to assist and help people. Law Offices called Law Firms are also operating here which help people to get legal knowledge, knowing about their rights and getting legal representation. How to find out these Law Firms, Lawyers and Legal Consultants is a separate debate.

We just want to mention here that, it is not a big deal to getting the legal support here in UAE. Government supports people living here in UAE by providing quality justice facilities and legal companies and practitioners also providing quality legal services. Everyone is treated with equality and justice. Nobody has to be scared and worried. If he/she finds that he/she has been cheated or discriminated, then he/she can knock on the door of Law to get justice. UAE Law also allows a person to claim for the compensation of his/her loss. He/She cannot be stopped by Law or anybody here by force or pressure. Different branches of Law e.g. Labour Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law etc are available and enforced to help a victimized person.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all the Emirates in UAE, having this Legal Structure. This is not a matter with the Capital or one or two Emirates, only. All the Emirates almost share the same Law, because mostly the part of Law is federal. The best part is the implementation of Law in every Emirate. If you are doing a job or a business in the UAE, then you are on the safe side in both situations. Being an Entrepreneur and Being an Employee, you have the legal rights which nobody can deprive you with.