UAE Sharia Law and Legal System UAE

April 29, 2022

SHARIA Law is the ISLAMIC Law. Most of the part of UAE Law is based on Islamic Sharia Law. It is a major Law in the legal system of the United Ara Emirates. Therefore, Sharia Law becomes the major legislation in the United Arab Emirates. Especially the Family Law for the Muslims totally depend upon the Sharia Law. When it comes to discussing the UAE Law then it means it is mostly based on Sharia Law which is also called Islamic Law. The UAE legal system in UAE comprises Sharia Law, and Egyptian Law, also taken from French and Roman Law. The people living here whether local or expatriates, Muslims or non-Muslims, all should consult the advocates if they are dealing with or confused with, Sharia Law. For people other than practising ISLAM, it might be a new thing or confusing somewhere, therefore better to talk to Emirati Lawyers here in UAE.

Legal Systems

Law is Federal in the United Arab Emirates, where every Emirate has its own rules and regulations as well. Like the other parts of the world, the UAE court system is also based on three court systems:

  • First Court – Court of First Instance
  • Appeal Court – Court of Appeal   
  • Third Court – Court of Cassation

Federal and State Courts all have this pattern, which is started from, First Court goes through the appeal court and ended up in the third cassation court. Three Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and RAK have their own Cassation Courts or 3rd Courts. Therefore, the lawyers are supposed to get a license, from these three different Emirates, if they have to practice in these Emirates. For other Emirates, just one license is required from MOJ or the Ministry of Justice.

UAE is an independent country with the Capital Abu Dhabi and a total of 7 Emirates including Abu Dhabi. Dubai is another popular Emirate from business, trade, culture, tourism, investments, hospitality and living point of view. Law is federal in UAE and it is 100% equally implemented for everyone. There is no exemption or flexibility for even UAE Nationals indeed. UAE Law and UAE Sharia Law treats local citizen and an expatriate equally except few religious obligations.

Where to Understand this?

This is a question which is asked quite often about where to learn about UAE Law or Sharia Law. From a professional point of view, one has to be enrolled in Colleges and Universities to study Law and then get the license to practice. But if you are looking for the expert opinion of the Lawyers and Legal Consultants, then you have to find out the established Law Firm or Law Company. UAE’s Top Law Firms and Lawyers can be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah etc. It does not mean that other Emirates do not have the capacity to open good Law Firms. There are many great professional law firms in these Emirates too. However, UAE’s few leading and top Law Firms are mostly operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with sub-offices in all other Emirates. The concept of the Importance of Law Firms can also be studied here.