Theft, Robbery and Burglary

April 10, 2022

Theft, Robbery and Burglary?

Let’s Find the difference today between Theft, Robbery and Burglary. Theft, Burglary and Robbery are the terminologies used to mention the crimes where money, assets, properties, expensive goods, jewellery and gems are stolen, taken with coercion etc. In short terms, we can define “Theft” as a crime where force or violence is not involved or found and the property or assets of someone are taken. “Robbery” is defined as when a person takes or steals the assets, money or property but with force or violence. “Burglary” happens when a person enters a property, without permission with the intention to steal the money, money assets or property.


We have stated above that Theft happens when stealing is done but without pressure or violence. As per Law, a person is found committing Theft when he tries to steal or steals the money or property of a person without his permission or will, without using pressure, force or violence.

For Example: Stealing from a supermarket, stealing a motor car, stealing from a place, workplace or anywhere, stealing from your guests, stealing from your friends or families, picking pockets.

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We have stated above that Robbery happens when stealing is done with pressure or violence. As per Law, Robbery means when a person uses force, pressure, coercion, violence or fear to perform stealing. He steals the property, any kind of case or assets from others. Its nature is similar with Theft, but here the violence is involved.

For Example: Stealing from a supermarket or stealing a vehicle. It is all similar to Theft but the difference is only the force.

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A burglary happens when a person enters a property of a person without his permission with an aim to steal his goods, property, or other valuable things. It can be secret documents as well. Such a person is also called a Trespasser. If he also enters just to harm the property then Burglary Act will be nominated in order to punish him.

Further Types:

Domestic Burglary

Domestic Burglary is the Burglary when a trespasser or offender enters residential properties or units. Domestic belongings like Cars and other domestic vehicles are also counted in Domestic Burglary or Burglary of a Dwelling.  

Non-Domestic Burglary

When an offender enters Commercial Buildings, Business Buildings etc. Thus it is called a Burglary of Premises or Non-Domestic Burglary.  

Aggravated Burglary

When weapons or any material like this is used during the Burglary then this type of burglary is called an Aggravated Burglary. These weapons or firearms can be used to scare others while committing Aggravated Burglary, or can also be used on others while committing Aggravated Burglary. In both situations, when weapons are used in a burglary then it is called an Aggravated Burglary.