The Legal Options in UAE

February 27, 2021

Family Law Rules

As per the recent amendment in the Law, now the UAE Law allows you to choose your country law for personal status disputes, which is supported by Article 1, Federal Law No 28 from 2005. Now the personal status or the family law of the applicant’s country can be applicable if chosen by the applicant/plaintiff/complainant or even both parties. Mahr is a requirement in Islamic Marriages. It also has to be decided when the marriage takes place. Please contact the Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, for further help and detail knowledge. Such Lawyers are called Family Lawyers and the Law Firms offering the Family Law services are called dedicatedly Family Law Firms.

The Legal Options in UAE

It is made sure by the UAE government that nothing could be left unsolved or mysterious. Therefore, the UAE Law is made a perfect set of rules that cover the entire aspects of Law. It means people who are living here and working here are fully protected. Police Department, Prosecution, Courts, CID, Security Departments, and all the government departments who are responsible for creating the law and maintaining the Law, are fully involved and serving the people living in UAE with high profile priority.

UAE government is also having a strong check on the online retailing business. Though the law is implemented for a long time, but the checking and catching of fake retailers have been mad very tight and strict. It is seen that these fake retailers who are selling fake things, selling without a trade license and a proper company, have come into a large number. The government is catching such people and giving high fines and punishments. Deportation can also be one of the punishments. Why the UAE Government is taking such steps? Just to make sure that people who are doing business in a legitimate way, investing their capital and putting their hard work efforts, could be provided with security, peace of mind and a platform where they can easily do business and live happily.

Multiple Options:

If anyone is facing any issue then he has multiple options available to counter the wrong action taken against him. These are the options, a person is facilitated with who is living here, just to make sure that he is fully protected. These options can be as follows;

  • A person can contact the Police Department.
  • A Person can lodge a complaint in the concerned department.
  • A person can directly file the Court Case.
  • A person can also ask for the investigation.
  • A person can also go to the Ruler’s Court.
  • Not just against the private sector, a person can take the action against the Government and Semi-Government sectors as well.
  • The person can hire lawyers for legal representations.
  • The person can hire lawyers for legal advise/legal counselling.

As far as expertise is required, then the UAE government also makes sure that competent and best staff should be hired in government sectors. It is made sure that only quality lawyers and Law Firms could operate in the region. It is made sure that justice could be provided as soon as possible. It is made sure that quality services should be delivered. While hiring private Law Firms, one can negotiate with the Law Firms about the Fee Structure. This is something that belongs to private Law Firms.

No Compromise on Quality

Quality is the most focused point of UAE. The UAE government makes sure that the quality of products and quality of services should not be compromised. It means if someone will be providing bad services or products then he is accountable for that. There are a strong check and balance against the accused persons. As far as Law Firms are concerned then one can lodge a complaint against the Law Firms in rule’s court. We believe all such strict check and balance and accountability programs, fully tell us that there is no zero percent flexibility for those who are breaching the laws and violating the rules.