The Law Firms Businesses and Challenges

January 26, 2022

The Law Firms Business and Challenges:

The Law Offices in Dubai face the same obstacles as other businesses, whether they are start-ups or multinationals. Law Firm Business is a serious business, therefore it has a proper organizational hierarchy. They should advertise themselves on many channels in order to get clientele. The challenges are similar to those faced by other organizations, such as how to establish a name in the market, how to outperform your competitors, how to acquire clients using various techniques, what approach works and how, and so on. There are usually two sides to any story, one positive and one negative; promoting your services will always begin with optimism, but lawyers in dubai must consider that marketing on any platform may not yield results.

These attorneys can promote themselves on a variety of channels. Some yield results, while others do not, but in the past, internet marketing has not always proven to be beneficial always. It’s important to find out what is the reach and who is the potential customer. The Area must be defined. What is the actual demographic. The advancement of technology has ushered in a new era of digital media. Because no one is interested in print media advertisements and instead prefers to use the internet, most print directories are gathering dust. It helps the Law Firms to promote themselves on a quick note.

Cost Factors: The Major Factor

Due to the high cost of internet marketing, these lawyers must need to spend a significant amount of money to increase the reach of their advertisements. In addition, they must look for demographics, which involve determining who to target, what age group to target, and what area to target. The cost factor is not in the favour of everyone. Everyone can’t allocate a handsome budget. In today’s world, modern marketing is far superior to print media marketing. However, when it comes to modern marketing, lawyers should always be cautious. It’s a combination of advertisement/marketing then providing quality services to clients.

The Other Factors:

  • Client Servicing is a challenge.
  • Quality Results, all the staff need to be put on performance mode.
  • Accountability of the staff and weekly evaluation of internal performance and duties.
  • Rate of success and failure.
  • Quality content for legal documentation, as everyone can’t do this.
  • Language barriers and communication hurdles 

A Competent Management:

Competent management which should be by Emirati Lawyer himself is a surety of good business. As we stated above that just a marketing and client qualification is not the only solution. The way you serve the client is the real deal. Once you have served the client the way he wants or he must be, he will start promoting you to others. This will provide you with the advantage of word of mouth marketing. Mostly the Law Firms do not emphasize this factor. Law Firm’s management must be focused on the operations and delivering quality results.

Legal Knowledge:

Come February 2022, the Employment Law shall be abrogated and replaced entirely by the new Federal Decree-Law No (47). We strictly advise that Labour and Employment Advocates must be consulted first before taking any decision this year.

Family Lawyers:

There is a topic where conditions are described under the “Divorce” is rejected by Court. The legal article is published in Gulf News. Visit and grab the legal details.