The Law Firms Business

February 20, 2021

Law Firms Business means a Law Firm, Law Office or Legal Offices operated on professional objectives. There is no sin to have and run a legal office on professional grounds. Such Law Firms can’t be government offices therefore these law firms or law offices are private entities. These are privately owned and established legal businesses by one, two or many advocates. Please keep in mind, one needs to have a license to practice law then he can also open a law firm and get a business trade license. The people who are only legal consultants, not a lawyer can’t get permission to open a law firm. We have written several times on the difference between Advocates and Legal Consultants. One can check our other blogs in this regard. These Law Firms can be Small in nature, medium in nature and big in nature. Nature means the capacity to serve, resources to serve and capability to deliver the services. 

The beginning of the Law Firm business goes back to the 16th century where it is said that the very first Law Firm was opened in the UK in 1570. The industrial revolution gave a new shape to everything in the world. The industrial revolution brought prosperity, wealth and success but on the other hand, it also brought risks, disputes, conflicts and issues. These issues can be various in nature as follows; 

  • Labour and Employment-related disputes
  • Business to Business commercial disputes
  • Civil related disputes
  • Criminal related disputes 
  • Land/Property related disputes 
  • Investments, Stock and Partnership related disputes
  • Family disputes 
  • Person to Person direct disputes 
  • Disputes between or among states/countries 
  • New policies and law-related disputes 

These are the few forms of disputes which are mentioned just to understand the concept that disputes can be 0f many types. All the disputes can not be settled by the people themselves. Therefore the serious nature of disputes and the aggressive nature of human beings gave birth to a need called” Need of Arbitration or Mediation Offices or need of someone to represent the clients in Court”. This need became the reason the expert lawyers started opening Law Offices or Law Firms.

We have to discuss the subject here or have to throw the light here, as per the UAE perspective. UAE perspective tells us that we should be discussing the quality of Law Firms in UAE, services of Law Firms in UAE, and the affordability of Law Firms in UAE. The Law Firms in UAE, are mostly good especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Few very big names who have offices across the world are operating and having offices in ABU Dhabi and Dubai. However, it is not like that other Emirates e.g. Ajman, Sharjah or others, also do not have quality Law Firms. Law Firms in the UAE are very good at offering services. The first reason is the criteria set by, UAE Government. It is not easy to obtain the license of a Law Firm in the UAE, even though you are a local lawyer or a very well known lawyer. It is a policy of the UAE since its inception, there will be a zero-tolerance policy on quality. If the quality will not be good, you will not be permitted to operate in the UAE. One point is also considerable and important. Emirati Law Companies but owned by senior Emirati Advocates and performing better than those Law Firms where the owner is Emirati but the management is not under Emiratis. Law Firm should not be like a franchise. It should be managed by expert Lawyers. The Full-Service Law Firms having great operations, large staff and a good name in the market, do not allow a single lawyer to play with the goodwill which is a precious asset. Therefore full service established Law Firms always prefer to hire very smart lawyers. All it gives a powerful image to a Law Firm. It’s like a Football team but with all great players. A combo of great lawyers will give birth to a quality Law Office. So the first important factor is the team of well-experienced attorneys.

A good team of Lawyers will give a good name to a Law Firm. A good name will bring more and more clients, sales and revenues to the Law Firm. An established Law Firm provides employment opportunities to several lawyers, paralegal staff and others. Therefore the Law Firm office is a serious business. Serious Business can’t be run with non-serious behaviour and non-serious attitude. Law Firm business is made profit-generating business with following inputs; 

  • Good team of lawyers 
  • Good and experienced management 
  • A high level of seriousness by the Owners
  • High level of services 
  • Continuous follow-up and back up support 
  • Enough initial resources to run the operations 
  • Responsibility 

Law Firm Business is a serious and profit-generating business. But the owner and management have to work a lot. They have to be super responsible, and super interested in providing the services. It is not just about taking the fee. It is all about looking after the interests of your client. It is all about delivering result-driven legal solutions and services. It is all about creating a good reputation and following your vision.