The Annual Leave Procedures and Systems

June 14, 2021

The Annual Leave Procedures 

The Federal Labour Law’s Article 75, helps us to understand that there is no limit for the annual leave with any kind of workers, whatever the structures are e.g. weekly or it is on daily basis. This Article is known as Article 75 of Federal Labour Law UAE also tells us that a worker is entitled to getting annual leave as two days in a month if he has worked for more than six months but less than one year. The ratio will be changed to 2.3 days a year per month if his service period is more than one year. But the question is if the employee is fired or his service contract is terminated then he will be getting in relevance with the last year. Labour Lawyers in Dubai, or Labour and Employment Lawyers can help you to understand as per your Labour Contract. Choose employment lawyers in dubai very wisely. 

The End of Service Calculation

The End of Service amount of total gratuity amount is calculated as defined by UAE Labour Law Article 134. It says that end of service benefits should be calculated based on the very last or very last month’s wage rate. If it has been increased with the passage of time then it will be increased on the latest and updated figure. The difference of 21 days, 30 days, unlimited contacts and unlimited contracts do apply which really create a difference. Your Emirati Lawyer in Dubai or the Emirati Legal Consultant will help you to understand about; 

  • Total correct amount 
  • Right formula applied 
  • Right figure 
  • Definition of Law this regard implemented on an employee 
  • Solution if there is any dispute

Allowance is given as transportation, monthly allowance, entertainment, and others can not be made the part of wage rate used to calculate the severance pay. There is a rule that for less than 5 years 21 days plan is used and for more than 5 years 30 days plan is used. Further, the legal article of Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba can guide you in a very comprehensive manner. 

Role of a Layman

We know that being a layman you can not understand the solution just by reading online or getting knowledge from someone. Therefore the professionals are hired to create ease in your objective. Lawyers help the person who is this service seeker this way like; 

  • Can provide the advice 
  • Can help in court 
  • Can help to understand the right method 
  • Can help to serve the legal notice and to negotiate with the employer
  • Can save the employee/employees from injustice and exploitation

All it makes the role of a layman totally nothing. A Layman will only bring loss for his value and benefit. We have seen several people saving money on lawyers and losing a lot eventually. Better to engage the advocates from the beginning. 

Initial Consultation with the Lawyers

It is a very serious point. Before signing the employment contract, one should consult the lawyer and show him the offer letter, labour contract or any other internal contract. It is seen that at the time of ending the contract dispute arises between the employer and the employee on non-competition, non-disclosure etc. It is logical to get the understanding from the professional advocate so the employer could not influence the employee later at any stage of his employment period.