Salary Certificate Dubai

April 25, 2022

Salary Certificate Dubai or Salary Certificate UAE, is the documented proof of employment at a company. It is issued by the employer/CEO/owner of the company. It is the right of the employee to get it, and the obligation of the employer to provide, it whenever there is a demand by the employee. It has to be on the letterhead of the company. The company has to put its stamp with the signature by the owner or authorized person. There might be many reasons an employee needs this, for example, to open a Bank Account. It can also be needed to get a loan from a bank. The question is why does it need?

Bank needs proof while opening the savings or current account. The bank needs proof while issuing the loan. Bank wants to check your income and ability to pay back the loan. Bank wants to check that do you meet the criteria or not. All it is answered by the Employer through the salary certificate. Therefore, the salary certificate is an important certificate for an employee. When an employer issues the salary certificate to an employee it means he is verifying the designation and income level of the employee. Therefore, employers should not issue a false salary certificate. He will be held accountable otherwise by Law. 

Requirements with Salary Certificate:

  • First and Foremost; A Passport
  • Second Important requirement; A residence VISA in UAE
  • Latest Salary Certificate Letter, which means the Salary Certificate must be from the latest company you are working for and the latest salary certificate containing the latest salary, support, facilities etc.  
  • Bank Statement, which means as per the requirement of Bank, for example, Last Three Months, Last Six Months etc.

Other Details:

  • The format is not a big deal. It can be any. The company just has to provide the details of the employee, its employment and salary details. It should all include the date of joining, total and basic salaries, other benefits etc.
  • Always obtain the salary certificate letter rather than a simple salary letter. A salary certificate letter can be used for multiple functions and needs. A Simple salary letter can’t be used everywhere. 
  • For some purposes like Credit Card, the Pay Slip can also work. But prefer to obtain the Salary Certificate Letter indeed.
  • If the attested version is required then it has to be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • It can also be required for Car Loans, Home Loans etc.
  • If the Bank needs the salary certificate in a specific format, then it has to be provided in that specific format.

People must know how to work effectively in companies. Sometimes a character certificate can also be required with a salary certificate. It means an employee should always perform well in the company so whenever he needs any kind of letter, then he can easily get it. Banks, Financial Institutes and Companies are not stupid so they can easily be made fooled by the people. When a bank has to issue the loan and a new company has to provide a new job then, they will verify at its best. Therefore we suggest not to provide the false or false certificates ever.