Rules Tenant’s Notice to Vacate the property.

Tenancy Eviction Notice

June 29, 2022

Real Estate sector is the powerful business and development sector Real Estate. People from, all over the world are interested to invest in UAE Real Estate, especially in Dubai. The Real Estate sector is one of the most developing and important business sectors in UAE. Dubai is, known for its luxury and important buildings. DUBAI has been accepted as world’s most luxurious, safest and modern place to live and enjoy the life. It’s a natural process when the importance of one thing will be increased then chances of risks or the disputes will also be increased. When a landlord wants to vacate his property, then tenant, is given a notice from the landlord. It is a situation where we can see many landlords and tenants fighting with one another.

  • No Urgency is allowed: Tenants enjoy the same rights when they take a property on rent and become tenants. Landlords have no right to vacate the property on an urgent basis. There is a certain procedure, to be followed for this.

  • Notice Period for 12 Months: The landlord is not allowed to give this reason to the tenant that he wants to rent the property at a higher rent. He is not allowed at all. He can use any other reason like he wants to sell, renovate it, maintain, or kind of personal use for him or any family member, etc. But the landlord or the tenant has to give a 12-month notice to the tenant. As per the law, this notice is compulsory. Whether the landlord wants to sell or, wants to shift for his personal use, he has to give a 12 months notice period. This notice should be sent from a notary which means notary attestations. It can also be sent through a registered Email. We suggest it is good if it is sent by Email and Notary, together. It has to be made sure that the tenant receives the notice.

  • Time: Landlord can serve this notice anytime during the tenancy period. But notice must be 12 months in duration. The date must be clearly mentioned and written.

  • Renewals: If the landlord does not send the notice before the three months then he has to give the right to landlord, to renew the property for next 12 months but if he serves less than three months then, tenant can renew for 12 months or he can also evacuate on tenancy contract expiry date.

  • Both Parties have the right to file a case against each other in case, there is a dispute. If the property is evacuated because the landlord wants to sell then the owner can’t rent the property further. 12 month Notice period is mandatory.

  • Rental Dispute Centre is the place, where landlord and the tenant can file the case.

Real Estate Lawyers are the Advocates and Legal Consultants, who are hired to fix the Rental Issues. Same Lawyers also do help to finish the cases in Land Department. Collectively, these lawyers are called as Real Estate Lawyers or sometimes the Property Lawyers. These lawyers also offer the legal consultancy services and the rental court services.