Role of Lawyers in Criminal Cases

February 3, 2022

Every society has components that get engaged in criminal activities. The state is mainly responsible to provide preventive controls, identification of crime, fair trial through the legal system and just punishment. A strong system for all of the above results in crime control and the protection of citizens. The lawyers perform a very important role in all the elements of the system. The Crimes can be of two types indeed;

  • Violent
  • Financial

Violent crimes are the crimes where killing is found, people suffer in their lives, people are beaten. Such societies can’t make the progress at all. Such societies can’t make the progress at all. Therefore developed societies cant’ afford violence and violent crimes. Financial Crimes, if are not meant to destroy human lives or society then, then also consider the beauty of a business place. UAE is one of those places in the world where financial crimes are, a lot but mostly controlled. UAE is one of those places where Law and Order are strict therefore the financial crimes and financial criminal activities are fully controlled. In implementing controls for the crimes, lawyers have to be engaged to formulate a foolproof system that is also in compliance with state laws and the constitution. Strict measures for security have to be implemented while ensuring that the fundamental rights of the citizens are not harmed. Giving importance to anyone while ignoring the other is detrimental to the balance of society.

A fair trial is the right of both the accused and the accuser. Guilt is never pre-established. The lawyers have to make sure that both the parties are given full opportunity to be heard whatever the circumstances of the case. Every aspect of the case is fully explored, all evidence and witnesses are thoroughly analyzed and presented in the court of law. More often than not, the initial inferences are drawn about the case turn out to be false and later facts change the outcome. Advocates in Dubai work professionally to uncover all the truths of the case so that a fair trial can take place. After the judge and jury have heard all the facts presented to them by the lawyers, they are on them to provide a fair and unbiased judgment as governed by the rules of the law. A judge should be able to apply the book to the letter so that the judgment passed does not violate any clause of the law. UAE judiciary is the best example of the judiciary in the world. When all the components of the system are working without any flaw, the felonies are rightfully duly identified and punished. This results in the prevention of the crime through implementation of proper controls. This also results in deterring the criminals by making examples of the felons and giving them fair punishment. As a result the crime level in the society is bound to fall. Lawyers UAE is critical to successful implementation of this system and crime control as a result.

Usually, Criminal Cases are managed in three phases. The first phase is the investigation phase and the complaint registration phase by the Police Department. The second Phase is the Public Prosecution(النيابة العامة), where a decision is passed by the authorities in Public Prosecution. Finally, the last phase comes which is called Criminal Court where the judges give the final verdict and the final verdict is passed by the judges for the execution.