March 18, 2022


The rehabilitation Law is made to support the Anti-Drug Laws and their stoppage. It is made to support those who are the affected people so they could come back to life. Laws are always established to control human addiction and to promote the Say “No To Addiction”. Rehabilitation programs are the hope for a new and better life. Now the rehabilitation period is 2 years only with proper health treatment.


The family members of the affected person on the Rehab are allowed to get access to him or meet him but as per the given schedule provided by the Rehab centre. Such programs are established for the betterment of drug-addicted people. Therefore, we suggest the relatives cooperate with the prosecutors, authorities and the rehab centre. NRC or National Rehabilitation Center by the government.

NRC offers the treatment for Any Kind of Addiction, Phycological Issues, Drug Addiction, Psychoactive e.g. Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens. Psychoactive is also called Psychotropic, which is used to describe the Chemical Substances which have the ability to change the mental health and mental condition of a person which can also cause the ultimate intoxication, addictions and serious things.


UAE government passes special laws to control drug addiction and strict punishments are given to those who sell and bring drugs to the country. UAE government makes a number of laws and separate committees to control drugs, drug addiction and to spread awareness against drug laws. Very strict laws are made against the drug dealers where the UAE government, its laws, and the public prosecutors order the strict punishments for the drug dealers. Drug selling and buying are strictly prohibited in the UAE. But there is a revision in the Law that if a person is caught using the drugs, then he might not be deported but given a punishment of imprisonment of 3 to 6 months or more with a fine. Learn Here About – Rehabilitation Therapy

UAE Law About Narcotics

UAE Laws about Narcotics are implemented without any discrimination against nationalities. It is implemented to UAE Nationals and Expatriates equally. Let us tell you one very good thing about the Law, people who are tourists or just visiting the UAE, can also be investigated and arrested if they move beyond the Law. It means if a tourist to Dubai or any other part of UAE is caught violating the Anti-Drug Laws then he will be punished with the same penalties.

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