Real Estate Sector, Lawyers and Law

January 29, 2021

Opportunity and Investments: 

Real Estate market in UAE, especially Dubai is one of the most lucrative, profit-generating, highest return on investment and good from a business point of view market. One can buy the property or properties for living here, for buying selling purposes or for renting as well. It is observed that not just the local, or the people who are living in the UAE, the people across the world are also buying the properties in the United Arab Emirates. Though the reasons are not the subject today few which we particularly want to share as follows;

  • Safety, Security and Highest Living standards.
  • The good return on Investments/Good Value in amounts.
  • Investments are secure and safe.
  • More than 100% protected by the government and concerned departments.
  • Best for family living as compared to any other part of the world.

All such amazing benefits make the UAE Real Estate a most fascinating factor. People are living here, overseas students are studying here, people have their vacation homes in UAE especially Dubai, people have better employment opportunities here etc. There are many reasons for the investments by every segment of society. Few people buy apartments, few buy VILLAS, few own residential properties, few own commercial properties etc, in fact, all it provides support and ease for any kind of investor as per any kind of need. It is a very good point indeed.

Risks and Solutions:

Land Departments, Rental Departments, and Courts are working in UAE to resolve the disputes or Real Estate Sector. Risk is the part of business and business also generates disputes. One is not alone after investing in the real estate sector of UAE if he meets with any issue. He can file the Case, even against the developer, if the developer does not meet with the terms and conditions of the agreement. But the support of Law Firms, Lawyers, Legal Consultants, is needed there. Such Lawyers are called Real Estate Lawyers specifically. Like the amazing business opportunity in UAE, UAE also provided amazing legal services to those who need legal support here.

  • By creating and implementing the splendid system of Law, Judiciary, Courts etc
  • By having amazing service providers e.g. Lawyers or Legal Consultants etc

Disputes can be of many types. For example, the developer is not handing over the property, the tenant is not paying the rents, the buyer is not making the payments or full amount after signing the agreement when he becomes obliged to pay after closing a deal or when a tenant does not vacate the property etc. There can be many other disputes as well which can be discussed with the Real Estate Lawyers to have the solution. Our question is that does this really work?

The answer is quite simply yes it works. If you are a gentleman and you are investing your capital in properties in UAE then trust us the local laws, government, laws, judiciary all will protect you and provide you with support. How to Find Lawyers and Law Firms this regard, we have already answered you in our many other posts. Many quality Emirati Law Firms are operating in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and in all the UAE, which are quite amazing and delivering the services to biggest facility management companies, management companies, real estate companies, real estate investors, in the United Arab Emirates. So as far as solutions are concerned then solutions are available.

The Real Estate Lawyers: 

The Real Estate Lawyers are dedicated, educated and committed to delivering the results. It is said that in Dubai, the Real Estate Professionals and the Real Estate Lawyers, both are handsome in looks, well in dressing, good in communication, ambitious and very client-friendly. These Real Estate experts having great knowledge of the market in every Emirate. Sometimes these Real Estate companies are also serving as facility management companies providing the management services as well. Similarly, the Law Firms who are supposed to become a middle man between justice and the seeker, also having qualified Real Estate Lawyers. These Lawyers are qualified, competent and no doubt very intelligent as well. Once again first prefer to hire the specialised Emirati Real Estate Lawyers by Emirati Law Firms.

Cases in Land Departments, Rental Departments and Civil Courts(sometimes also in Arbitration) are handled by these amazing Lawyers and Legal Consultants who are at home in UAE Real Estate Law and regulation. One can contact the Land Department or Rental Department to grab the fundamental information about the Law, policy and penalties. When one consults the Real Estate Lawyer then he suggests him not to indulge in those practises which are not acceptable to the government.

These Lawyers fully work on the same function of other lawyers. They need the authorization to practise, a Law Firm to practise, a professional degree to practise and work experience to produce the results. These Lawyers and Legal Consultants have to be serious like Business and Compliance Lawyers too because the Real Estate sector is a serious business where billions of dollars/dirhams are invested. Nobody can take it as crap. It’s a serious business, therefore, lawyers have to take it on a super serious note. When you are investing in UAE properties then you can have all such supports as well. Therefore it is said above that investment and the interest of investors are secured and saved. Whether you are living here or you are investing from outside, you will enjoy your rights due to the amazing policies of the Business and Real Estate sector in the United Arab Emirates. One can get access to good Law Firms, Real Estate Lawyers and Advocates this regard. One can get the expert advice on how to buy the property and where to buy the property from Real Estate Companies and one can grab the legal opinion about the documentation etc, from the lawyers called as Real Estate and Property Lawyers. UAE always provides people with a good life and opportunities in Country. Therefore the UAE applies zero-tolerance policy in implementing the Laws.