Pursuing a career in Family Law?

March 12, 2022

Law Schools and Law Education:

Start by looking into law schools that provide family law degrees; their websites can give you a good idea of what this career path entails as you check into related courses and possibilities for experiential learning. Then, if possible, pay a visit to the schools themselves and set up a meeting with a family law professor. You might also contact the admissions office to see if they can put you in touch with family law teachers, students, and alumni through phone or email so you can ask them questions and learn more about being a family lawyer firsthand.

Similarly, you can undertake your outreach to local family lawyers for a firsthand perspective on learning and working in this sector. Many lawyers are open to courteous requests for informal informational interviews, which can be both educational and motivating. (You might be able to connect with someone through a family member or acquaintance.) Of course, there’s no such thing as too much online study, and professional organization websites can help you discover more about being a family lawyer. The UAE Bar Association provides resources for working lawyers as well as students and others interested in the subject. Conferences and webinars, periodicals, email updates on recent family law cases, and online access to archival cases are among its services. You’ll discover that family law has numerous challenges and benefits as you review information from these and other sources. Perhaps you will be a part of this multi-dimensional realm in the future as well.

Becoming a family lawyer is way more challenging than you think. Because there are so many things that’s related to this specific field of law and to where to pursue your career is the question that always comes into mind. At first, you cannot decide where to go because you see this family law field as an overall field but where you are interested only comes when you take up some practice from the field by working as a volunteer or internee in any of the firms or organizations. Family Lawyers are called with different names in UAE:

  • Marriage Lawyers
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Child Custody Lawyers
  • Alimony Lawyers
  • Personal Status Lawyers