Professional Debt Collectors

January 15, 2019

Finance, Accounts, Auditing etc are the important parts of business whether that is small, medium or a big one. These types of business have to deal with an uncontrolled entity/thing which is called Bad Debts. Therefore business hires debt collection agency or Law Firms who have a separate Debt Collection Department. Debt Collection Dubai is not an easy job as it seems. A whole team and a brainstorming procedure are required. Let’s discuss a professional Debt Collector today. Debt Collector is not just a job, is a status, prestige and art. A man having excellent communication skills, educational background, the experience of the market he is working in, PR in the market, grip on the subject, flow in communication, punctuality, and having good command on convincing people. A good follow up is based on a good memory, therefore, we can say a debt collector is always a man of intelligence who knows how to answer where to speak and when to respond. A professional debt collector has to deal with two types of employers; old and new. Let’s see how;

Old Companies mean Debt Collection Agencies or Law Firms are mostly established. When the name is established then it means the Law Firm has spent several years and established a reputation in the market. This is a supportive situation for a debt collector as he can build up maximum pressure very easily by using the name of the Agency or Law Firm. When the company is new then a Collector has to face a tough situation. New Agency or a Law Firm can only build the name and goodwill with the passage of time. Therefore more efforts and brainstorming is required. This is a challenge for a Debt Collector. Though initially, a large number of efforts need to be put a professional debt collector will always manage the tough conditions. OLD Agency or Law Firm always give the best support to Debt Collectors, whether they are new or old. A new debt collector can be easily adjusted and the old collector, can earn the more and multiply his amount of experience and knowledge.  


Visits are very much important to be paid. Pressure can be built through meetings and visits when the counterparty is like a stubborn kid. The Visit from the established platform increases the chances of success. Visit from the new platform (agency or law firm) is also compulsory.


Documents should be complete before starting the process. You start the process but you can not answer to counterparty when they ask the proof, supporting documents, then there is a huge risk you can be refused. Even if the matter goes to the court then judgement cannot come into our favour.     

Debt Collection is a Mediation

This is for the Individuals and Companies who hire a Debt Collection Agency, Law Firm where to recover the Debts. Debt Collector chases and approaches the defaulter but he is not a court in his self. He can not go beyond the Law, therefore, he can not enforce something. Time, Tolerance and Patience are required for this job. It means you should not bother a Debt Collector every time for the progress or update. When the case will be resolved no one knows, which moment of time the conversation or follow up hit the target, there is no surety for this. Debt Collection is a process of Legal Mediation and mediation does not happen unless you are also ready to give up few things of your interest. It should also be noted that if the whole amount or objective cannot be achieved then the creditor should also show flexibility. Must meet Professional Debt Collectors by Professional Debt Collection Agencies or Professional Large Law Firms in Dubai.


Qualification of a Debt Collector/Lawyer does not matter indeed. His knowledge matters a lot. He must be having a good knowledge of the market, knowledge of Law & good communication skills. A good market knowledge gives confidence to debtor or defaulter that the man is seasoned and knows about the market. They will think twice before refusing a seasoned and experienced debt collector. If you are going to acquire the services of a Debt Collection Agency or Law Firm then better check the market knowledge and communication skills of the Debt Collectors. Communication Skills means linguistic skills in the regional language and the flow of exchanging the words with others.