New Law and Rules in UAE in 2022

January 3, 2022

New Year and February 2022 – New Law

There are several new amendments going to be implemented in 2022. Labour Law amendments will be in implementation in Feb 2022. Regarding cheque bounced cases, now the police complaints could not be lodged and a direct civil case will be filed where the quick execution could be opened. Quick judgement and quick results will reduce the bounced cheque cases in the market. Labour Law UAE will be much more flexible and friendly from February 2022. Dubai Lawyers are the best Lawyers in UAE to understand the “New Laws, Revised Laws or any kind of OLD Laws”.

One of the new laws is the change of weekly holidays. The weekly holiday in government sectors will be two and a half days. Previously the main holiday or week-off was Friday. From 1st Jan 2022, the weekly-Off will be replaced with Sunday. Government week-off was Friday and Saturday. It will be two and a half days now. It means Half of the Friday starting from Jumma and finishing on Sunday. As per Article 8, the Unlimited Contracts will not be implemented more. A fixed-term contract of three years has been introduced.

Over Time can be demanded if the employee has to work more than the work hours described in the contract. There must be a mutual consensus first, the employer can not force or pressurise the employees to work more than 48 hours a week. The new Labour Law UAE, also introduces flexible work hours, part-time work hours. Freelancer work visa is a big support to freelancers who are experts in their field and want to contribute to the UAE economy. Lawyers and Dubai Economic Department, are two options to know about such deals.

The worker, employed between 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM has to be paid with the basic salary which is for normal working hours and 50% of the salary for the working hours between 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM. As per the Law, the part-time working hours should not be greater than 2 hours in a single day. UAE Labour Law will not consider even any lawful thing if that is accepted by the employee without his will through pressure tactics, blackmailing etc.

Law Firms and Lawyers | For Individuals and Firms

Individuals and firms always require lawyers over different instances. This is not a requirement in Dubai only. Even in the less developed parts of the world, where the law and order are not well implemented, lawyers are also needed over there. Some people consider hiring a lawyer while others ignore it. The people who ignore them, ignore the benefits and survival indeed. There is a huge misconception that lawyers are only needed if criminal charges or cases arise or there is any violence. This typical interpretation is quite common among the people. By the way, lawyers can help you in many other ways, they are not restricted to criminal cases. Most people perceive that they need a lawyer once in a while and most of the time they need a lawyer is overlooked. But the experts of the legal profession always suggest booking a lawyer when there is a conflict.

A lawyer has worked on explicit cases for many years now. They know their zones and specific information related to the pertaining laws and regulations. They are the experience and expertise to tackle the different scenarios individuals or firms get stuck in. At any point in time, when you come across a legal battle, there is a need for an attorney by your side. You need to look for a skilful and privileged lawyer in Dubai. Lawyers can present you in the court of law or settle for an out-of-court.

Thus, to reach a well-versed and equipped lawyer in Dubai, you need to inquire a bit to shortlist some of the lawyers that are lucrative options for your legal matter. Your colleague, acquaintances, or friends may have confronted a similar situation in the past. Talk to them and inquire from them regarding their experience. He can disclose to you some of the vital points involved in legal advice. It is always better to proceed with a reference or experience of a family member or friend. This assists in shortlisting the lawyers who can be selected for the legal engagement.

Lawyers are proficient and thus, can ensure that your case proceeds in the right direction. They will make sure for a powerful correspondence that is acceptable to the client. Lawyers do charge you a fee for their invaluable services. A lot of lawyers will charge you excessively; here your exploration is an added advantage. If you haven’t researched then make an effort to list down the attorneys. Even though we always advise to consult the UAE Lawyers But Non-UAE Legal Consultant with a license is enough for an initial consultation.