Litigation Lawyers in UAE

Litigation Lawyers

August 10, 2022

Litigation is a process in which legal action is finally taken. It’s a way of resolving a dispute between people or companies but outside the court where the court decides about the matter, as per the Local Implemented Law or the Law chosen by both parties. It is the method used by all over the world because when one party is not ready to settle the matter or both parties are not ready to settle the matter, then, the last option is just a Court Case or Litigation.

Litigation is the most common and actively used method for resolving disputes in the United Arab Emirates as well as all over the world. Litigation is properly defined under UAE Law, by the UAE Government with proper legal articles and clauses, for example, Federal Law 11 of 1992. Afterwards, many amendments came, to serve the people better than before. The litigation includes and covers each and every type of Court Case like Labour and Employment, Family Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law, etc.

As far as the UAE Court System is concerned, there are three courts in the UAE like in other countries of the world. The First Court, Second Court and the Third Court. The First Court is called the Court of First Instance, the Second Court is known as the Court of Appeal, and the third Court is known as Cassation Court. There are some certain criteria for it. It means all the Cases can’t be taken to Appeal Court and Cassation. If the Claim Amount is more than AED 50000, then an appeal can be filed in Appeal Court. If the amount is more than AED 500000, then an appeal can be filed in the Cassation.

As far as the Advocates and Legal Consultants are concerned then there are many Lawyers and Legal Consultants available in the United Arab Emirates in all Emirates. UAE National Advocates and Legal Consultants, are the top most Advocates and Legal Consultants to handle any kind of litigation in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore when it comes to finding a Lawyer in UAE then this is not a big deal. Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Lawyers in Ajman, and Lawyers in Sharjah and Lawyers belonging to all other Emirates are the best Lawyers for Litigation or Court Cases.

Even it has been proved that these Emirati lawyers and legal consultants are the best Advocates and Legal Consultants, even outside the Court settlements. It has been proved several times by these amazing Advocates and Legal Consultants. We can confidently hire the Advocates from Dubai for example, Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants by Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba. Therefore, this is absolutely understood that Emirati Lawyers in UAE are fully capable of representing individuals and companies in litigation. These are the most educated, experienced and competent lawyers. Therefore UAE Lawyers like Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, are the first priority of several businesses in UAE.