License Requirements for Dubai Lawyers  

March 10, 2022

License Requirements For Dubai Lawyers

Dubai Government has made a requirement where lawyers have to get the license. It is in implementation since 2011. After getting a license a lawyer can provide the legal services without any issue or inconvenience. UAE is not like a less developed country or a corrupt country where anything can be done without bribery.

UAE legal system consists of two systems which are Sharia and Civil courts. Both present quite different sides of the law. As per the Law every emirate in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc, has to have a court that is up to the federal level. Lawyers in UAE are having good professional level and mannerisms, especially Lawyers in Dubai, Advocates in Abu Dhabi etc. Types of these lawyers are as follows:

  1. Business or Compliance Lawyers
  2. Civil Law Lawyers
  3. Criminal Lawyers
  4. Personal Status Lawyers
  5. Employment and Labour Law Lawyers
  6. Tax Lawyers/Consultants
  7. Real Estate Lawyers

Registration of a Lawyer in Dubai

  • For the License, the age of the UAE National Advocate must be 20 years.
  • He must be having a professional degree.
  • He must be having practical experience.
  • Then he gets the license of an Emirate, for example, Dubai.
  • Further to this, if he wants to service in another Emirate, for example, Sharjah then he needs to have or obtain license by Emiri Diwan.

Compliance regulation came in 2011, put a condition on lawyers to get themselves registered with the department of legal affairs. Documents for the registration develop the details which mean the applicant is going to acquire the license. This is the department that provides the license. The different Emirates of UAE have their own requirements for registration and lawyer licenses.

DIWAN or Ruler’s Court:

While practising in Dubai, the Dubai Lawyers are under the order and instructions of Ruler’s Court. Complaints against Lawyers and Law Firms can also be registered here in Ruler’s Court or Diwan. Just Dubai Nationals are permitted to appear in Dubai Courts, as well as other Emirate Lawyers. Dubai Lawyers can also appear in other Emirate Courts, as stated above but after having the licensee from another Emirate.

Advocates & Legal Consultants in Dubai:

Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai are quite popular in UAE. They are famous for their skills, experience and level of dedication. It is seen many times that Dubai Emirati Lawyers try to help the client more than a normal way. The way Dubai Lawyers takes the clients, it is very rare in the world.

Therefore, the chances of success, recovery or winning the cases are greater in Dubai. Dubai Lawyers is compared with other modern parts of the world due to these key professional factors. Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, are known for managing the serious and complicated types of litigation. Bigger Corporate Cases, Retainer ship Employment Cases, Criminal Cases and many others, are the identity of Lawyers in Dubai. An Emirati Lawyer in Dubai, is the biggest model for junior advocates as well. Therefore, it is said it’s easier to be a lawyer but difficult to maintain the professional level.