Legal Services For Expatriates

August 26, 2017

Ask The Law is engaged in proposing Labor & Employment Law Services, Wills & Estate Services, Marriage, Divorce, Family Law and all other Legal Services to British, Australian, American, South African, and All other Expatriates residing and working in UAE.  We facilitate them in every aspect related to Labor & Employment Disputes such as:

  • Wrongful Termination

When a wrongful termination takes place, it is a big shock for employee and is a stressful time for him. Ask the law is specialized in rendering immediate legal and practical advice on dealing with the situation and making sure that all your accrued payment (remuneration) is paid to you. Instigation of litigation and a settlement agreement could be the result of unfair dismissal. Our legal; consultants are advisory to ensure that all contractual and statutory rights of the client are honoured.

  • Unpaid Salaries

ASK THE LAW has the experience to work for those employers who unlawfully withheld salaries, commissions and wages and any unpaid amounts. Our legal consultants have dealt with many cases for unlawfully withheld pay and for payment of penalties and interest.  We work as fierce attorneys for all employees from highly compensated individuals to hourly wage worker.

  • Arbitrary Dismissals

Arbitrary dismissal means when an employer terminates an employee working under unlimited term contract at any time written on the contract and the dismissal is for a valid reason.  Ask the law advocates or legal consultants have proficiency in protecting rights of arbitrary dismissal under an employment contract.

  • End of Service Benefits

End of service benefits also known as gratuity funds or severance payments is defined by law as a payment paid by the employer to its employee on completion of its contract tenure, provided that the employee continued for not less than a year. Our attorneys help the employees in the attainment of their end of service benefits without any resistance from the employer.

  • Visa & Immigration Issues

Visa and immigration issues related to expatriates or non-residents are handled by legal attorneys in the most cost-effective way to minimize their expense.

  • Serving Legal Notices & Much More.

Legal notices such as notice for a federal minimum wage, equal employment opportunity, job safety and health protection, family medical leave, employee polygraph protection act. Our Dubai Based Law Firm, Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants is owned by Mr Ebrahim Al Shaiba, one of the renowned Lawyers in UAE. We render legal services for Civil Disputes, Criminal Matters as well.

Expat Legal Advice or Expat Legal Services by ASK THE LAW Al Shaiba Advocates, is the best in Dubai as well as throughout United Arab Emirates. Contact ASK THE LAW Al Shaiba Advocates for legal services for expatriates and UAE Citizen. The Best Law Firm in Dubai and team of Advocates in Dubai.

  • Other Legal Services

We have helped a large number of Expatriates in Legal Matters e.g. Wills and Estate Planning, Family Law, Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Property Management, Debt Collection, Company Setups, Property Disputes,  and More.