Legal News, New Laws and the Advocates

November 30, 2020

UAE government does its best to improve the laws and their implementations for the prosperity and safety of people living in the UAE. In Year 202, the UAE government paid attention and amended a few laws related to Family Law, Personal Status Law, Labour & Employment Law etc. Amendment to existing laws, is complete teamwork of an expert team of lawyers and legal consultants. This is something which is performed after research and brainstorming sessions.


In recent and latest amendments, Alcohol Consumption is not a criminal offence more. If you are in authorised places/areas then you can keep it or consume it, if you are without the license. But your age should be 21 years and greater. There are also a few conditions this regard, our Lawyers, can be consulted for the purpose. We are one of the Best Law Firms in Dubai. The living restrictions are also made soft where now couples can live without marriage but please check with the family lawyers first for the full and final details. Few conditions are always had to be met which can be better advised by relevant lawyers.


Regarding Divorce which matters come under personal status and family law are also defined by UAE Family Law. It tells us that if the marriage takes place in the home country but the couples want to be separated in UAE, then the laws of their country will be applicable in the divorce. If you are Muslim from another country then Sharia Law will be applicable of course like UAE Family Law where Sharia Law is considered as standard for the Muslim couples. If you are a Hindu or Christian and want a divorce in UAE, but you married in your country then the Law of your country where you got married will be applicable. As per the Law, Sharia Law will only be applicable where the country or religious family law will be found silent on a particular topic. Sharia Law is the best law that covers every aspect of a personal status law for marriage, child custody, divorce, alimony, etc. The newly amended laws also do mention that for the joint accounts and the assets, a court could be called for the mediate if it is found that there was no agreement used to exist between the two parties. If you need further help then can consult our Family Lawyers for a piece of better and elaborative information. For those who commit suicide, but survived can be prosecuted and investigated for the act. Anyone who supports someone in committing suicide can be punished/sentenced by the prosecutor/court. Please consult a good health doctor if anyone is suffering from high disappointment due to bad personal relations with a partner.

Get to Know Your Rights by Advocates: 

Many people do not know their rights as a citizen, and so they are vulnerable in society. The influential people will always exploit the lower class by keeping them unaware of their rights and use the law for their own good. It could go on in the UAE as well, but the advocates in dubai are really active. They are providing services in various fields of law. For example, divorce cases, criminal cases, and property disputes. These advocates also provide you with the consultancy about the latest and amended rules. 

There is a very small number of people who know civil rights, but they hesitate to use those because others are not using them. If you are threatened to use your own right, then you must take action against it. The lawyers will take your case if they have the expertise. As a lawyer, it is your duty to take your client in confidence, and get to the depth of the case. Often, the client will hesitate to tell you about his case, because maybe, he doesn’t feel comfortable in sharing details. Try to be friends with your client and keep assuring him that you are on his side. The advocates would know a few techniques for making the client comfortable because they have been working with different types of clients. A diverse set of people bring in more experience, and so better techniques to resolve the issue. The lawyers are the ones who will tell you about your rights. So, if you are unsure about taking any legal action, you may consult a lawyer before filing the case. It may sound difficult, but if you do a good search for lawyers, you will find free consultation. Nowadays, lawyers have mentioned charges on their website. You must look at their reputation in the legal market. You have every right to talk to a lawyer about anything for which you need legal advice. Choose the one who is working on the same type of cases as you have, at the moment. Clear out all the confusion and questions from your mind while talking to the lawyer for any case.

About Recent Amendments:

You might become confused by reading online or can not understand the real meaning because you are a layman. For example for the new law of Alcohol Consumption, the minimum age is also 21. So all these things can be better explained by good lawyers and legal consultants which can only be available from good and reputed Law Firms. We keep on telling to companies and the individuals that please better hiring the Emirati Law Companies.