Legal Consultants and Legal News

April 6, 2021

Legal Consultants

A Legal Consultant is a professional who gives expert advice and guidance in a specific area. These specific areas can be greater than one area usually known as a full-service kind of legal consultant. The multiple specific areas are covered as business, regulation, compliance, family law, labour and employment law, wills and estate planning, taxation, company setups, cyber crimes, damages lawsuit and many other specialized fields. Legal Consultants are the experienced and skilled individual in a particular field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.  

Legal Consultants in Dubai, UAE can be a part of any organization hired as employee or legal counsel or hr manager or employment department manager or legal expert for a company. If you are familiar with large size business setups then it would not be a big deal to understand the importance of legal counsel or more than one legal counsels at the workplace. Besides, they can be independent individuals who are employed externally to the clients by a consultancy firm. It means legal consultants or lawyers are hired as an employee, a full-time employee by the business owners so they could maintain the internal and external relations and resolve the disputes. Disputes can be of many types like; 

  • Disputes with Employees.
  • Disputes with Suppliers/Buyers.
  • Disputes with Land Lords.
  • Disputes with Senior Managers.
  • Disputes with Partners.
  • Disputes with Banks.
  • Disputes with Investors.

They are mostly part of a consultancy firm but provide services to any kind of client for any kind of legal conflict or CAOS. They provide expertise by offering legal advice or legal solutions. Legal Solutions can be court services, notices, documents preparation, drafting business agreements, filling liquidations etc. The types of Law Firms, Lawyers, etc will not be discussed here. However, it’s a complete knowledge where multiple types of lawyers, legal services and their scopes need to be discussed separately. We are up to legal consultants until now only. 

By Hiring a Consultant: Find out the way

By hiring a consultant, clients have an access to a deeper level of knowledge and expertise that could be financially feasible for them or not. Moreover, clients can have a better insight into its compliance with all the legal rules and regulations. The legal consultants will ensure that the company adheres to the legal regulations. Consultants provide a vast variety of services to clients. They also prepare reports and presentations required by the clients. They will ensure that the company places the reports and necessary documents in a systematic way.

Online documentation is maintained for the client to make the information easy to use and thus, it’s easier to handle. Legal consultants are more flexible as they work with a wide variety of clients around. They ensure that the business strategies are aligned to its objectives to achieve business objectives. This may include assisting in the identification of business-changing opportunities, capacity gaps, highlighting non-compliance, and laws and regulations adhered to. This may help in the better achievement of company objectives. The Emirati Law Companies are competent professionals who are willing to provide services to their clients. An example is Ask The Law Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants. The law firm is owned by and operated by a well known Emirati Advocate and Legal Consultants. Such Law Firms are only committed to serving the people with high-quality services. 

The Legal News:

LLC Companies can be taken to Court through the ministry of labour or also called MOHRE. But for free zone companies, the system is quite different. The place to lodge the complaints is inside the free zone. Employee or Employer has to contact the free zone authority first. Once finish from there then a NOC is provided by the free zone authority which has to be taken to Twafuq/Al-Hadeed/Tesheel centres for further registrations. People should check with the relevant free zone for further process.

The few Property, Wills and Estate, and Family Laws are revised by UAE in 2020. All it creates more ease and comfort in the lives of people. Please before taking any action, committing anything, we suggest consulting the lawyers so you could be on the safe side and get the maximum utility and advantage. A good lawyer can let you have good judgement, advice, and legal solutions which can not be acquired from a junior lawyer or an unknown law firm.

Always pay a reasonable fee to lawyers. Always do hire the best lawyers and expect the best services from lawyers. A lawyer can entertain you in the best possible way which he should explain in the beginning. The commitment and promises must be very clear and transparent from the beginning.