legal articles of law

Legal Articles of Law

July 26, 2022

Article(1). As per The Sharia Law which is applied in the United Arab Emirates, the Islamic Sharia Law is applicable to all blood money crimes and revenge. The other crimes mentioned in UAE Law, are also decided as per Article 1 and the provided Penal Codes by UAE Law.

Article (26). Crimes are classified into 3 major categories. These categories are as follows:

  • Offences 2) Felonies 3) Misdemeanors

There are penalties decided for each of them. There can be a Fine, there can be Blood Money or there can be Imprisonment and there can be both. There can be all the penalities together as well.

Article 28, says that a Felony is a crime, which can be punished with capital punishment, revenge by law also known as retribution, imprisonment or all.

Article 66, defines Principal Punishments are Life Imprisonment, Blood Money, small imprisonment, little one, which is for a few weeks, months, or a year, detention etc, and small to heavy fines.

Article 92, that capital punishment does override all the other punishments. But if the Fines are also given with Capital Punishment then it is also counted and included with the “Capital punishment”. Capital Punishment overrides all other punishments.

Article 121, tells us about the crime done by a foreigner. When he is charged with a felony and sentenced with a punishment. This punishment can also be life time ban and deportation. Mostly the small cases come under misdemeanours and are caused lifetime deportation. But he can be relieved if his spouse or any relative is a UAE National or Citizen.

Article 313, as per the new amendment now, there is no punishment for dealing in or keeping Alcohol. Selling or Buying with a license will not be punished. But if the Alcohol is sold to a person less than 21 years, then the seller will be charged.

Article 320, punishment of incarnation, which is not less than 6 Months, 5000 AED fine.

Article 335, the suicide attempt punishment for not more than 6 months, there can be fine as well which is maximum 5000 AED. The court can also issue orders of arresting the person who attempted the suicide and anyone who helps a person in suicide is also liable. As per Article 137, he is also counted.

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