What the Law & Expert Says

July 8, 2020

What the Law & Expert says

When you need to grab the legal advice, any kind of solution or knowledge then you contact a Law Firm. Law Firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc, are the legal businesses having and hiring a team of professionals called Legal Consultants, Lawyers etc. These people help you to understand Law and its definitions on a particular matter which belongs to you. Therefore it is recommended to find out the best Law Firm in your surroundings, before taking legal action. Expert of the Law saves your money as well as the time. It sounds interesting because when you have to hire the lawyer then you have to pay his fee as well. Then how does it possible that one can save time and money. The answer to this question is simple: if one hires a non-professional attorney then he will only waste his time and fee. One might have to hire another lawyer and the fee paid to the last lawyer will be proved useless and vain. This is how one can waste his time and money and save his time and money too.

There are a few very popular rules by the Law which we all should understand, even if we do not need any proper Legal need. For example, for arbitrary dismissals, compensations are available and the termination without any issue, valid reasons or on maternity leaves are one of the reasons, considered as wrongful terminations. If there is a freedom to file the case then the Court has also authority to reject the Cases. If you are not disciplined at work, and you are found in behaviour and discipline issues. You are destroying the peace of the work environment, you are destroying the peace of other employees then the employer has the right to take action against you by considering the UAE Labour LAW guidelines. If someone wants to know about the Entities and Subjects of Labour Law then he can study Article 1 and relevant articles which throws light on the total entities e.g. Employee, Employer, Waste Rate, Workers etc. Labour Law UAE Article # 102 defines that there are seven rules employees should know about it, Click Here to Know about the Rules. Performance and behaviour issues both can leave the employer with no option except to serve the warning letters. UAE Labour Law protects and secures the right of both parties the Employer and the Employee.

Legal Consultation is more than a meeting

There is a question which is discussed often in public why consultation should be paid. Legal Consultation is not just telling your lawyer about the Case or exchange of arguments. It means that Lawyers/Legal Consultant will provide you with the expert idea, opinion, based on his education, experience in a very professional manner, so you guys could get the best and practical idea. How is it possible that a professional can share valuable information without charging you? Yes, he can adjust the Consultation, if you proceed further and acquire the legal services for the Complete Case. It’s quite justified if a lawyer/legal consultant charges you for this. It’s a totally wrong perception that one should not pay for the first consultation session. It becomes the right of a lawyer to charge you if he or she has to share the knowledge. It has been noticed that lawyers who offer a free consultation, mostly they do not give real knowledge to the client. Consultation is not just merely an exchange of words or arguments. One should not save the cost on useless things. Whenever it is required one should do his best to acquire the best services available in the town/region so the best outcome could be achieved.