How to get a Law Firm

June 28, 2021

If you are migrating to another country, getting married or divorced; you will need a good lawyer. In order to find professional law firms in dubai, you need to have a bit of knowledge about them. To begin with the qualities of law firms, you should know whether your case actually needs a Law Firm or can you manage without legal help? If you know that the legal case is sensitive, then you should talk to a lawyer. Well, a good and honest lawyer should tell to clients about the expertise but usually, it does not happen. Therefore the client has to be smarter here. Second, when you are choosing a lawyer, you should know the type of your case so that you find the right attorney for the case. Once you know your case well, then you can look around for the type of solicitors who can help you. Therefore first set up the paid consultation with the respective advocates. The right and respective advocate means e.g. Family Lawyers for domestic problems, Business Lawyers for business disputes, Real Estate Lawyers for Real Estate disputes or the cases.

The Old Ways

The contemporary way of referrals is word of mouth. So, you may ask your friends and family to recommend you good law firms, as they might have gone through some legal problems in the past and so they can help you. These referrals will get you a better understanding of the law firms. If you think that the referrals are not helpful, then you must look up on the internet. Search for the law firms that are providing legal solutions to cases like yours. When you have found a few lawyers, then talk to them in person. Arrange a meeting with them to get to know more about their work and discuss your case, as well. Make sure that you have organized all the evidence well, so there is no confusion. A professional lawyer will never make an issue if you ask him for his credentials. Therefore, when you are meeting the lawyer, ask him for his credentials. In that way, you can also judge his capabilities and get to know if he can actually work on your case independently.

It is complicated to find a lawyer in today’s world where you have so much variety of legal solicitors especially if we talk about the lawyers in dubai. People think that a lawyer is required only for criminal cases, and also he is very expensive. However, the issue is that people have bad experiences with lawyers because they don’t do extensive research about the lawyer. To look for a suitable lawyer, you need to know the type of your case, first. Once you have figured out the type of lawyer you want, then you need to look for those lawyers and their affordability. Referrals are one of the conventional ways to look for professional lawyers, but it is always beneficial to people who don’t know anything about the legal market. You can ask your friends and family to help you with the lawyer. Let them know about your case, and tell them if you are looking for a criminal lawyer or the labour lawyer. these referrals will give you an insight into the lawyers who are working professionally. If you think that the referrals did not help you, then you need to look on the internet. There are many websites for legal solutions.

Those professional lawyers have their websites where they have advertised all the legal services that they offer under one roof. Some lawyers are a jack of trades, but master of none. They try to take almost all types of cases and resolve them if they can. Such type of lawyers can only be hired if your case is not that serious. But, if you have a sensitive case, then you need a specialist lawyer. The next thing is to know about their charges. Some lawyers in dubai don’t charge a consultation fee, whereas others do. Also, these lawyers have flexible payment methods. Therefore, when you meet them in person, discuss everything about the payment. You need to know that if you are not overspending on your case. Sometimes, the legal cases are not that sense that you spend a fortune of them. Wait for the right lawyer with affordable charges.

The Modern ways

People are pressurized when they have a legal matter to resolve, but have not hired a professional lawyer. It becomes a tiring job to look for a lawyer who can deal with your case. In previous times, the word of mouth would work. People would recommend lawyers to each other as per their experience. Nowadays, even if they refer to any legal solicitor, they tell each other to browse on the internet. Although, it is not easy to find a lawyer, online there are certain websites of these lawyers where you can learn about them. There are online referrals services, too. They can find you a good lawyer in your area. There are many lawyers and legal consultants in dubai, but you need to know that a lawyer you choose, must have previous experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. You can ask those referral companies to recommend you a lawyer and they can offer you a subscription as well. In older times, people would have to visit the bar associations to know about the lawyers. Nowadays, those bar associations have also maintained their virtual identity.

You can look on the state bar website and get to know about the lawyers who are working on cases like yours. They have a track record of good lawyers. If you are looking for a specialist lawyer, then the bar association is the best option to choose from. They have all the data regarding the lawyers including, their location and expertise. You will know if your lawyer has ever done malpractice or has he always been a professional lawyer. Another happening research is done on Google, Bing or Yahoo. They have the latest information about the lawyers. When you type lawyers, it will give you the first ten best websites of the best law firms and lawyers because they rank a website according to the web content. They have updated law firms where you can locate the lawyer for your case and get to know more about the lawyer by visiting that webpage.
Choose a lawyer who understands your case and provides a professional legal solution to it.

A Serious Business

It’s neither a part-time business, ordinary business, small business or a useless business. It is more than a business indeed. It’s a combination of business plus passion. The carelessness and the non-serious attitude can be accommodated in any other business but this can not be applied in Legal Business. Clients have to make sure that they are looking for a Law Firm with a serious and responsible attitude.


Law Firms also need the registration and trade license like other businesses. No Law Office can be opened without a trade license. Though it is not possible that a Law Firm can operate without a license but check the trade license of a Law Firm and the practice license of an attorney.

Latest and Old Rules

As per the few Latest and Old rules in UAE Law, there are few certain and compulsory conditions that need to be followed;

  • An employer has to pay for the medical insurance as per Article 10 Dubai Health Insurance Law.
  • Employer is not bound to pay the medical insurance for the family of employees as per Article 11 Dubai Health Insurance Law.
  • As per Article 76, the employer has to decide about the date of vacation, which he is also authorised to split into two parts. Due to an emergency or a concrete reason, the employer can cancel the vacation of an employee. If the employee goes to MOHRE(For Main Land Companies) then he might not be entertained the way he wants to be by the MOHRE authorities, which is fully based on the Law.
  • Once a VISA is cancelled then an employee has 30 Days, the grace period provided by the Law. He can stay in UAE for the next 30 days the date/day his employment visa is cancelled.