How Long a Person Can File a Criminal Case

August 14, 2021

How Long a Person Can File a Criminal Case:

When it comes to filing a Criminal Case, the Law recommends and restricts to file of the Case within three months the knowledge of the crime. If the plaintiff is also interested to file the Civil Case meanwhile for the purpose of getting the amount paid back, compensation etc then he has to file another case called a Civil Case and it can also be filed altogether with Criminal Case. But these will be two different cases. The complainant will not be accepted after the three months passed. A criminal case needs to be lodged by the complainant or his lawyer which is stated from opening a complaint in the police department. The complaint can be rejected, the complaint can be accepted for the investigation and the complaint can also be forwarded to the public prosecutor. Here, a proper investigation is stated where the public prosecutor carefully investigates the matter with the aid of an expert, appointed by the law and then give an opinion. The opinion given by the public prosecutor though is not a final verdict but also kept the same by the judge in criminal court. At least 9 out of 10, the decisions of the public prosecutor and the criminal court is the same. This is due to the beauty of UAE Legal Institutions.

Federal Law 35 of 1992 and its Article # 10, tells us about the Criminal Cases lodged by the victim or by his legal representative. There are certain criteria to be met as stated above, otherwise, complaints can also be rejected. A false complaint rejected by the court can also allow the defender to file a counter civil case for compensation. It also tells us the conditions where a Criminal Case can not be lodged by using any way or mean. Apart from this UAE Law also throws the light on matters e.g. insult, defamation, damaging the reputation, etc where there are different penalties defined by Article 372, 373 and few others as arrest not more than 2 years and fine not more than 20000 AED, arrest not more than one year and fine not more than 10000 AED, respectively. Let us clear that when secrets are revealed, then it can also be a matter of breaching the trust and can be taken under criminal cases.

Support by Professionals:

When a person is supported by Law and its implementations then there is another need which is the need of Criminal and Civil Lawyers. These are the expert of Criminal Law and Civil Law and are usually called Criminal Law Lawyers and Civil Law Lawyers. One Lawyer can also deal with two cases as one Lawyer for two different Cases e.g. Criminal Case and Civil Case.

It’s better to hire one lawyer who is an expert in Criminal Law as well as Civil Law. When only one case needs to be filed then-lawyer good in one law, can be hired.

Criminal Cases, as well as Civil Cases, are some of the most difficult cases in Law. Every time a lot of effort, brainstorming, expertise, skills and follow up is required which is not a job of a Small Law Firm, junior advocate or an advocate who is into legal services but not very much deeply.

It takes to get expertise in life and Criminal Cases where investigations at police stations are involved, at public prosecutions, are involved, at courts are involved, can’t be handled by a lawyer who knows nothing.

As we have explained always that Lawyers must be Emirati. Though it’s the only Emirati Advocates who can get the license and represent the clients in court but even for the consultation, case preparation and documentation, only an Emirati Advocate should be hired.

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