Hiring Domestic Workers

April 13, 2022

Hiring Domestic Workers

UAE Labour Law does not manage domestic workers. These are the worker who works at home. A special law and ministry are made to govern these workers. The domestic Ministry has to govern the domestic workers. Federal Law # 10 of 2017 is made to manage the hiring of these domestic workers. As per the law, the wage of these workers must be paid in UAE Dirhams. Employment types under domestic recruitment is maids, gardeners, drivers, house workers, chefs, kitchen employees, exercise trainers, house farmers, babysitters, private nurse, horse groomer, tutor, nanny, cook, nursey employees etc. Domestic workers, Domestic helpers for the domestic services must be hired as per the Law. Domestic workers, Domestic helpers for the domestic services are hired from Tadbeer Centres only.

Hiring a full-time domestic worker is economical for the employer from many aspects as well as it also generates employment opportunities for the employees. As per Law “Federal Law # 10 of 2017”, if a few conditions are fulfilled then domestic worker/workers can be hired.

  • Monthly Income or the combined income per month must be at least 25000 AED.
  • Couples or Families can not hire all kinds of domestic workers like Maid.
  • People who have been granted permission to sponsor domestic workers.

From March 2021, it has been made that UAE Nationals and expatriates will hire domestic workers only through Tadbeer Centres. No middle person or recruitment agent will be involved. It is all done to protect the rights of employees working as domestic workers.


  • The salary of a Maid is from AED 1500 to AED 5000. It depends upon the experience of MAID. But the wage rate must meet the minimum wage rate of the country to which Maid or domestic workers belong.
  • It has been made compulsory that every employee needs to be provided with Health Insurance. Therefore, the same formula applies to domestic workers. Domestic workers must be provided with Health Insurance. This is mandatory/compulsory.
  • VISA Fee/Sponsor Fee, needs to be paid and the employer will bear this fee. Check with Tadbeer Centres or MOHRE about the latest fee structure.
  • Food, basic expense, living, basic life entertainment etc, are up to the employer.
  • Flight ticket needs to be paid. It is also compulsory.

Basic Requirements:

Basic requirements for the domestic workers, servants or labors are as follows:

  • There must be a proper employment contract. The contract has to be approved by MOHRE.
  • The employee should keep one copy of this Labour Employment Contract between Employer and Domestic Worker.
  • The probation period a minimum is 6 months and the maximum per day working hours are 8 hours.
  • 1 Hours rest period is granted by Law, therefore domestic worker also has a 1-hour break. He can’t work more than 5 hours continuously.
  • The domestic worker also has annual leave once a year. It is also a paid leave.
  • A domestic employment contract can only be renewed if both parties will be agreed without any pressure.
  • Salary has to be paid every month as per the set schedule.
  • No violence, discrimination, racism and special harassment by the recruiter or his family.

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