Family, Divorce Law and Lawyers

October 13, 2021

Divorce and Khula

As per Personal Status Law, Article No.118, if the husband is not found guilty and still the wife is asking for the divorce then her claim or also called a lawsuit, can be fully rejected by the court. After the rejection, either party still can file the case later, this is the right of either party also provided by the same court. But once again the reason must be a valid reason. From the beginning, the process is the same where If the reconciliation is not proved successful then it is referred to the level of Court. It is for the case when the wife wants the divorce where the husband is proved guilty. The other option is Khula, which is a right of a married woman, but she will also have to give up many of her rights. Lawyers can also be called here as Divorce Lawyers or Divorce Lawyers in Dubai.


For Marriage between two divorced Muslims, few documents are required. These Documents are being mentioned as general knowledge. The exact and correct type of documents can be found with Family Courts. These documents can be like;

  • Marriage Permission for the Groom
  • Divorce Certificates
  • ID Cards/Passport Copies
  • Healthy Safety Certificates
  • Permission by the Guardian of Bride
  • Attestation from Foreign Office and Embassy

Child Custody

As far as Child Custody is concerned then the first right and the priority is for the mother. This right is secured and counted from the birth date of children until the last date defined and fixed by Law. It can be different in different religions. The decisions or verdicts of court in this regard, or definitions by Law, or the maximum age fixed by Law, can be checked with Family Lawyers in Dubai. As far as the Foster Parents are concerned, they always have to fulfill a few conditions, to retain the foster- ship. If they do not meet the criteria then they might have to be taken back. What are those conditions, can be checked with experts or online.

We have been asked several times by the people that the Laws of UAE related to “Family and Domestic” matters are very much restricted or strict. There is nothing like that. There is no mandatory rule that Sharia Law will be applied to Non-Muslims. Even the amendments in 2020 brought a big change. Apart from this, Family Courts and the Family Lawyers are always available to assist people and help them to resolve the disputes amicably or finally through the court. One, living in UAE is fully secured in UAE being an expatriate.

As we mentioned above, Family Lawyers should be consulted by the people before taking any kind of decision or legal action. The initial consultation or counseling will save people from any kind of trouble in the future. A little spending on a pre-court session known as Legal Consultation will create a real-time value.