expat divorce

Expat Divorce

June 27, 2022

Expat Divorce” means the divorce of Expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates. Though this is a painful process, but this is also the last solution where any kind of reconciliation is not possible. Islam and UAE culture does not support divorce. However, UAE government makes the proper Laws and Regulations for the, Divorce, and other Marriage issues like Child Custody, Alimony etc. Non-Muslim Expatriates are not dealt with under Sharia Law, however, the Muslim Expatriates are dealt with under Sharia Law.

Non-Muslim Expats can file a divorce in the United Arab Emirates. If the husband is from a different country, then the laws of husband country will be applicable. Sharia Law will be applicable if the legal aspect is not covered by their native Law. There must be some grounds or reasons to file a divorce case in Court. The court always asks for reasonable conditions and also puts emphasis on the mediation between two parties. Some of the few reasons are physical and mental tortures, disappearance, not fulfilling the obligations etc. The court always set up one to two sessions of mediation.

The case filling procedure is the same for Muslim and Non-Muslim Expatriates. It means that initially the complaints are registered then, are made a Court Case. It means that all have to go through the same process first. There are three courts to finish up the Divorce Cases. If both parties are willing to finish the case in the 1st Court then it means, then execution can be opened. Both parties have to file the appeals otherwise, if they are not happy with the verdict came from the first court.

Help by Family Lawyers in Dubai

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