Emirati Law Firms

September 23, 2020

Emirati Law Firms are the Law Firms owned, led, managed and run by the Emirati Lawyers. Such Law Firms can be led by one or team of Emirati Lawyers and Emirati Legal Consultants, but it is always owned and led by Emirati Lawyer/Lawyers who are always most senior, most admired, most decorated, most trustworthy and most trusted for the people and companies in UAE.

For small level disputes, it cannot be a big issue to hire a very well-known Law Firm. But when it comes to complicated, and serious business and employment matters, then only a trusted Law Firm can be trusted by serious professionals and businesses. Yes, it’s a truth that mostly the good names in Law Offices, are held by Emirati Lawyers. Therefore the Emirati Law Firms are preferred by the people and businesses. It is also observed that mostly these Law Firms are Full-Service Law Firms. It means they offer legal solutions for every type of Business, Employment, Civil, Criminal, IT, Family and other disputes. Full-Service Law Firm is not a joke. It takes time and several years to become a Full-Service Law Firm. You might find many or few Law Firms, claiming to be a Full-Service Law Firm, which is not possible indeed. Yes, there can be a large number of Emirati Full Service Law Firms, but not every firm is able to be called as Full-Service Law Firm.

Such Law Firms in Dubai or in any other part of UAE, always having a proper office, infrastructure, departments, professional legal staff, professional paralegal staff, HR office, a large number of clientele, and more. Such Law Firms will always be much careful for the goodwill they have earned in several years. Such Law Firms will always be focusing on the quality services, not on the quantity services. The one, Emirati guy who is the owner has to take care of his personal status as well, therefore it makes him more involved, and more active towards this business. Emirati owners always take the business on a serious note. One of the best examples is Lawyer Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants. He is very talented and professional Emirati Lawyer who is much interested in the legal business and offering quality legal solutions. Departments can be covering almost every aspect and a branch of Law and hiring every type of Lawyers e.g. Family Law Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Criminal Law Lawyers etc. Even if you are a non-Muslim and want Emirati Law Firm to draft the Will then you can acquire the right services. Such Full-Service Law Firm’s all the lawyers will also be providing you with the services which are admired by every sector, every person and segment in society.

Generally, if you see then you may be finding that just to draft the legal memo and attending the court hearing sessions are everything. Court Cases are beyond than this. A good Law company first conducts the Consultation Sessions with its team of Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Then a strategy is derived. Then the process of proceeding to Court level is designed. Sometimes you have to defend and sometimes you have to act as a plaintiff. But when you have you to start it, and how you have to start it, this is something that needs to be planned by the Law Firm or the Case Coordinator Lawyers. Let’s suppose there is a Labour Case in Court where your Lawyer is supposed to defend you. You are an employer and facing charges put by your employee in Court. But you also have the option being the employer that you can launch a counter case on the employee. It makes the Case more interesting and powerful. But like we said before that you can’t decide whether the counter case should be filed or not. Whether the compensation case through the Civil Court should be filed or not. Being a Layman when you are unable to take the decision at this point, then you are suggested to consult the Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Here it comes the point where Emirati Law Firms are much needed.

We should avoid becoming the part of Ego. But this Ego issues can let you down and to lose all the respect you have earned in centuries. The best advice by the Lawyer will help both parties to overcome the EGO factor and find out an amicable settlement solution. Therefore, Emirati Law Firms offer the amicable settlement solutions if possible where the Emirati Lawyer try to resolve the matter. Because the attorney is considered as a respected and reliable source therefore, he can offer the amicable settlement better than others. It also shows the level of professionalism, an Emirati Lawyer is keeping to give a good impression to society. Therefore such Lawyers in UAE, are especially preferred by the serious and big businesses in UAE. Companies in Free Zone, who are mostly large in volume, always prefer to hire the Emirati Law Firms, Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Labour Law and the Business Law are the two most required and demanded jobs by the employers. Almost all the Emirati Law Firms like Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants having a very good reputation in providing the best solutions and services. It is to understand that even Emirati Law Firms need to be verified by you people when the time comes to consult these Law Firms or to hire for the Court Cases. It is said that trust but verifies first. It means that one should not sign the engagement letter with a Law Firm because that is Emirati Law Firm. We have discussed the advantages of being an Emirati Law Firm and Emirati Lawyers. But we also mentioned above that it’s not easy to become a Full-Service Law Firm. We believe and suggest that you should hire the Emirati Law Firms and Full-Service Law Firms but after checking with them. You can meet, take the interview and do your requires research. You have the time until the engagement letter is not signed. However, Full Service Emirati Law Firms have always generated amazing results.