Core Skills of Civil Lawyers

March 10, 2022

If you are looking for a lawyer, qualifications and training are not enough, you need to look for some more qualities that require you to win your legal battle. Here, we will discuss some of the core skills of a Civil Lawyer that allow him to stand other the others in the profession. Therefore, here we talk about some of the specific duties of Civil Lawyers in Dubai:

Civil Lawyers are expected to have brilliant spoken skills. They are needed because a lawyer has to represent a client in a legal case. He is required to speak on behalf of the client and convey the information in a concise and logical manner. Therefore, a lawyer must be able to clearly present and speak for the client. He also needs to explain the pieces of evidence and witnesses to the court so, for it they need to communicate and convince the judges and jury. Spoken skills must not only be clear but also should soft and highly professional. Civil Lawyers must know:

  • Business Rules
  • Free Zone legal knowledge
  • MainLand Legal Knowledge
  • Litigation at its best – Expertise at its best
  • DED Knowledge
  • All Three Courts experience
  • Best in drafting legal memos
  • Best understanding of business disputes
  • Good reputation
  • Familiar with court proceedings

Civil Lawyers might have to set up the initial meetings with clients more than one time. Let’s see if there is a Labour and Employment Law Court Case, then one to two meetups are enough. A complicated civil/commercial or quite bigger business case has a different nature.

Reading skills are also needed in a lawyer as they have to go through a large number of papers and thus, identify the important ones. Therefore, they need to have the skills to read and thus, comprehend the essential papers. All the lawyers are expected to read the papers and analyze the situation and thus suggest a lucrative strategy to move forward. Reading takes up the time and energy that a lawyer has to go through in order to get his hands on the legal case. Civil Case Documents are large in number. Therefore, Civil Lawyers must be experts in:

  • Reading Documents
  • Understanding Documetns

On the other hand, lawyers are not restricted to spoken skills; they need to have exceptional writing skills as well. This is vital because lawyers in Dubai need to prepare and draft the documents. While preparing the paperwork, they need to be precise and to the point. They should remain specific to the legal concern and must be able to comprehend the documents. They are required to prepare the trusts, wills, agreements, contracts, memorandums, briefs, and even the power of attorneys. All of the papers prepared by the lawyers must use professional language and thus, for court cases technical jargon and rule and regulations are also used.