Cassation Court in Dubai

January 27, 2022

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Dubai is one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is also known as the commercial hub of the beautiful country UAE. We are discussing here the Cassation Court of the Emirate of Dubai. It was formed/founded in 1988. Cassation Court in Dubai is like other Courts in the world where it is considered as a third level and the highest level. This level comes after the second court which is called the Appeal Court. Legal Article 173, 174, 175, 176 until Legal Article 188 from Civil Procedure Law UAE is all about Dubai Cassation Court. “Law 6/2005 Dubai” managed the Dubai Courts. It means the Dubai Courts Law 6/2005 is about managing the Dubai Courts.

Criteria for the Cassation Court:

Previously an amount of 200, 000 AED was required in the claim amount to appear in Cassation Court. It has been extended to 500, 000 AED to appear in Cassation Court/Dubai High Court. It is as per Article 173 of Civil Procedures that any appeal where the claim amount is kept less than 500, 000 AED, will not be entertained. The claim amount has to be kept at more than 100, 000 AED for cassation court or Dubai high court. But when the claim amount can’t be measured and kept undefined then certain conditions have to be met.

Reasons in undefined Claim Amount:

The conditions are like when judgment is conditional on another judgment. If the verdict given is based on a wrong fact, understanding or decision. If a previous decision had been taken by the court differently. If it is found that the verdict is not based on valid reasons and given in one direction or favouritism. If there is a mistake that has been made intentionally or unintentionally.

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