A Legal Advisor

December 25, 2020

A Legal Advisor

A Legal Advisor or Legal Consultant is basically a Legal expert of his domain and field, who is capable of providing the legal counsel or legal advice to common persons or business owners. These persons can be employees, employers, partners, investors, stockholders, property buyers and government personnel. They need an authorization called license which is possible to get after giving exams. A licensed lawyer is authorised to provide consultancy and represent the clients in Courts. As per the nature of the Case or the expertise, the Lawyers can be referred to as Labour Lawyers, Family Law Lawyers, Civil and Criminal Lawyers, Business/Compliance Lawyers, Property Lawyers and More. A lawyer can be a legal consultant as well. The lawyer is the authorised figure while the simple legal consultant is not. 

Legal Consultation should not be confused with a meeting. The meeting is just an exchange of words while Legal Consultation is an expert meeting with the expert guys known as Lawyers or Legal Consultants. These law professionals have a command to answer the advice-seekers on a particular topic. But it is also a tragic fact that many people are mixing the meeting with the consultation. Just to save the fee of consultation takes them to a junior lawyer who might not be capable of coping with challenges of a Court Case. You can be only advised here, not corrected. Please take the right decision always in this regard. 

Lawyers by the Law Firms

Lawyers can open their own Law Firm or can also work for other Law Firms. A good Doctor will always prefer to do the job in good hospitals. A good Engineer will always prefer to do the job in a good company. Similarly, a good Lawyer will always prefer to work for good Law Firms. Here, it comes into understanding a very important point that when an individual or company has to hire legal counsel then they should look for good Law Firms or individuals who have worked for best Law Firms in the region or across the country. It all creates value, confidence and motivation.   

Civil and Criminal Law Cases

Civil and Criminal Law Cases are the Cases filed by the complainant for the scam, forgery, fraud, unpaid amounts, bounced cheques, cheating, misrepresentation, stealing, sharing the sensitive information etc. The Lawyers who can manage such cases are not ordinary lawyers. These are the lawyers who are expert in dealing with commercial, business and criminal cases. Every Lawyer can’t deal and manage the Police Department, Public Prosecutions and Court. Last but not the least, it’s also not easy to deal with Experts who are appointed by the parties or Court for an investigation and report. These Experts meet and investigate both parties where they do their best, to reach to a conclusion. It is also important because the report is submitted to the Court. Do you think an ordinary, junior or less experienced lawyer can deal with such cases? Of course not, and if you are in UAE then Emirati Lawyers in UAE will be the best option for Civil and Criminal Cases as well as complicated cases. 

Fee Plan of Lawyers

Fee plan depends upon the education, experience and level of expertise. An Emirati Lawyer who has spent several years and is considered as the expert of a branch of law e.g. Labour and Employment Law can charge more than others. But we know very well that quality services and the product are not free of cost or cheaper. However, this is also not a fixed rule. Quality Lawyers can also be available on Contingent Fee Structure. The contingency is a type of Fee Plan where a Lawyer takes his fee upon recovery or upon success or judgement, as per the agreement. However, do not be reluctant meeting and hiring the best Lawyers, especially the Emirati Lawyers/Legal Consultants. It all helps to get quality services without any doubt or issues. There is another factor of risk though it exists very less in developed countries like UAE, that lawyers cheat the Clients. But it is mandatory to get a good Lawyer.   

A Serious Business

Law is a serious business. Legal Services is a matter of high responsibility and priority. No Body can afford to lose his narrative, financial benefits and goodwill. When a Case is given to a Law Firm or Lawyer then what does it mean of?

We assume that fee is paid, all the supporting material is provided, all the aid is provided then nothing more is left to be done for the Lawyers. If Lawyer does not perform the job he is supposed to, he does not attend the hearings and submit the proof to court, then what will be the results? Results will be complete destruction and loss. Results will be against and might take finance and goodwill away. The defeated party might have to compensate the other party as well without any reasons. If this is something which is done by the lawyer then such lawyers should not be hired at all. Therefore it is recommended to meet the lawyers, and consult them, in the beginning, to hire the right one. Legal Services is a serious business, and a good professional advocate will always take it as a serious job.