The health care business is full of complexities and is one of the most regulated industries globally. All types of businesses have to provide certain levels of healthcare to their employees and must comply with medical procedures set by the governments of that area. Apart from that managed care healthcare businesses are also facing tough legal hurdles posed by general public consumers or government entities.

Some of these practices which can lead to litigation are reimbursement policies, health insurance, medical insurance cards, the areas they cover, their limits and usage policies, claims arbitration, rating procedures for health insurance policies, unauthorized usage of machinery or software technology by healthcare companies, bad faith claims, denial of benefits, employee benefits, product liabilities especially for pharmaceutical companies, employment issues, salaries/benefits, personal injury, medical privacy, corporate restructuring, financing projects, anti-trust and competition issues, dealing with UAE healthcare system regarding permits/quotas, etc.

Our lawyers represent healthcare clients from around the world and mostly from Middle Eastern countries. We have highly a professional team of health care businesses that is proficient in handling different types of class action suits against managed care business, product liability cases against the pharmaceutical sector, claims litigation about health insurance companies, providing relief to private individuals affected by business routines and practices of large multinational companies, handling corporate legal matters, dealing with regulatory bodies and their documentation criteria.

We believe that our lawyers can handle minute details of the health care sector and are fully aware of the ever-changing regulations surrounding it. We offer to provide our services based on the extensive experience of dealing with every type of client from large corporations to unassisted individuals. Our result-oriented approach packed with pragmatism will allow you to achieve hassle-free results which will be cost-effective as well.