Globalization has led to fading of international boundaries when it comes to trading and business. Multinational companies now operate in multiple parts of the globe dealing with different types of laws, people, governments, conflicts. Risks involved are increasing due to these complexities leading to an increase in operational costs. Though profits are rising due to ease of doing business worldwide but it has led to the globalization of disputes as well. Global Disputes may be litigated anywhere around the world. From government to government deals, foreign direct investments, free trade agreements to bilateral and multilateral treaties, all such scopes of investment and financing lead to international legal disputes which are handled through international laws and conventions.

Our legal experts are fully aware of international laws and their implications. We have advised many of our clients in setting up businesses abroad, dealing with commercial agreements in a foreign land, arbitration, conflict assessment, conflict management and representing them during trials or investigations. Pre-emption of legal hurdles in this regard is of utmost importance, our lawyers assess every little detail from every angle, according to local laws and legal/bureaucratic processes to pinpoint legalities that could lead to conflicts in future. We are confident that our approach to resolving disputes is helping our clients engage their resources in more meaningful chores of business instead of wasting them on undue litigation and conflicts.

While conducting many financial and corporate deals, infrastructure project financing, banking transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures our legal teams provide full legal consultancy. Global disputes require global expertise in handling legal affairs for your businesses, our confidence in our resource management abilities and prior experience in handling such cases will help you remain focused on the day to day business affairs better.