Education sector is undergoing major changes due to modern technology and teaching schemes. Globally there is greater emphasis on increasing outreach using technology. Education is no longer provided by the public sector alone, private and non-government entities are fully engaged in providing best levels of education. Ministry of education UAE regulates these educational institutions so that education system in UAE keeps flourishing. Regulatory compliance is stricter than ever, financial pressures graver than before, parents more keen to get involved with their children and their teachers, increased internationalism and much more at stakes for the education providers. From small Montessori schools to large universities legal challenges are growing and many institutions are very much aware of this fact.

Our legal teams help both students/parents and educational businesses to handle issues such as children induction, exclusions, expulsions, special educational needs, parent/teacher disputes, intellectual property rights, plagiarism, research and development rights, employment issues, salaries and benefits, gender and ethnic issues and much more. We have a multi-disciplinary team to help our education sector clients in dealing with broad range of areas like regulatory compliance, accreditation, internet laws, privacy laws, M & As, licensing, private equity, technology transactions, copyrights and advertisements, advising their HR departments on effective resolution of grievances and disciplinary issues, managing overseas affairs and staff, dealing with voluntary and compulsory redundancies, conversion of school management to academic trusts, handling commercial agreements and takeover schemes.

Backed by the resourceful team of highly professional experts in the field of education law, we take pride in the provisioning of seamless legal service according to the requirements of the particular client which allow them to seize new opportunities and successfully manage the challenges of this ever-evolving sector governed by varying regulatory environment and technological landscape.