Arbitration and dispute resolution. The traditional disputes and the process of resolution are arising day by day in our society and according to the civil justice system, some legitimate methods are introduced which offer a trial. Only a judge or a jury has a right to decide right and wrong. Arbitration, mediation or negotiation is the alternative methods for dispute resolution. These methods are appropriate and must be necessary to be considered for the settlement between the parties.

One of the growing arguments nowadays is the importance of arbitration and dispute resolution law. Arbitration is the general form of conflict resolution or technique which is used by the two parties to solve the case outside the courts. However, in many countries like the US, arbitration can be used only in employment matters or by consumers. The process of arbitration is formal because both the parties have to be on the court during the time of the hearing and have to present all the evidence whether it is in the form of documents, testimonials or another format. According to the type of dispute, the attorney gets a chance to select the arbitrator and he may be professional and must be knowledgeable in the field.

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