Arbitrary Dismissals & Wrongful Termination Lawyers

August 23, 2019

Let’s discuss Arbitrary Dismissal/Wrongful Termination & wrongful termination lawyers. The employee has a right to complete his employment contract if he is performing well, and there is no issue of behaviour, conduct, performance and productivity. As per UAE Labour Law, the employee can only be terminated if there is a valid ground for termination. Though Law provides a provision to the employer that he can downsize the number of employees if the business is not generating enough profit or may apply redundancy which is also one of the options available for the employers. It’s important to mention that Employers are not allowed to use these options without any reason or need.

If they are found guilty while terminating the employees, using these options then it can be considered unfair dismissal. That is why the amazing UAE Labour Law protects the rights of employees, and awards them compensation. The Compensation can be one to three-month salary. All the outstanding e.g. unpaid salary, unpaid commissions, end of service benefits, unpaid leaves etc also need to be paid by the employer with compensations.

If the notice period is included in the Employment Contract and the worker is stopped working during the notice period, then he also has to be paid for the notice period months. Arbitrary Dismissal, Unfair Dismissal or Wrongful termination needs to be proved in Court if the becomes a Court Case. The court always demands supporting documents, and the unavailability of supporting documents may turn the judgement against you. Expert Wrong Ful Termination Lawyers can be hired to prove the stance in Labour Court.

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It is a very supportive principle of UAE Labour Law where workers are protected against unfair dismissal. Especially the expatriates who came to UAE for employment, enjoy this privilege granted by UAE Labour Law. If the employee is terminated on wrongful grounds in a few particular months or when he can not find another job, which especially happens in a few particular service sectors, then these months can also be added in compensation, though it is up to the honourable court, whether they accept it or not. Labour & Employment Lawyers also provide great support, to the workers to prove the wrongful termination in Court. These Lawyers also provide legal assistance to employers if they want.