JOB Holidays and Leaves

October 16, 2019

Simultaneously Two Jobs

UAE Labour Law 88 explains that a worker can not work for another Employer/Company while having annual vacations or sick leaves. If he is found working then Employee can be terminated by the Employer and he has to give up his gratuity and other benefits as well.

Maternity Leaves

UAE Law explains that female employees are entitled to take 45 Days Off as paid maternity leave if she is working for the employer for one year. If the employer does not allow her, then he is going against the Law.

Gratuity on Basic Salary

Some people have a wrong perception that Gratuity is calculated on Full Salary, It is calculated on Basic Salary. Criteria for Unlimited and Limited Contracts is little changed.

Lodging the Complaint 

UAE Labour Law provides the provision to both parties of lodging the complaint. Employer, as well as employees, may go to the Ministry of Labour, nearest Tas-heel offices and launch the complaint.

Lawyers and Legal Consultants

Everyone who has to choose and hire a lawyer in UAE must take the decision with rationality and logic. Hire a good local attorney and give him your case with trust. How a good lawyer can be chosen, its a separate debate.

Market Recovery Services

Its a process of recovering the debts from the market. A process which focuses on outside the court recoveries. Serving Notices, Communication, Visits and chasing, is called ad debt recovery or market recovery services.