UAE Law Discussions

January 8, 2019

UAE Law drives a lot of from Islamic Sharia Law. Being an Islamic Country, Most of the Rules are implemented as per the Sharia Law but it is still not competent on all the matters to come under Civil, Criminal and Labour Law. But in short, we can say that mostly Islamic Sharia Law covers all the disciplines of Law in UAE. There is a separate Ministry to deal with the Laws and Regulations called UAE Law Ministry. Every branch of the Law is divided into it’s all the required types like Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, and Business Law. Initial complaints about Criminal Act of offence is lodged into Police Stations referred to Prosecution. If someone has to lodge the Labour Complaints then there is a separate institute called Tes-Heel for LLC companies and Respective Institute inside the Free zone for free zone companies. For Property Disputes, there is a separate Rental Court where property disputes are registered for a fair judgment from the court. In Short, we can say that there are many departments and institutions in order to facilitate the people living in UAE, Locals as well as Expatriates, so they can get a fair and quick judgment.

Lashes sentence is implemented in UAE like if you are caught with Alcohol Consumption, Drunk Driving, you are verbally abusing someone which comes under sexual harassment, then Lashes are sentenced, which is absolutely a Sharia Law justice. A special privilege is provided to women whether she is local or expatriate. It is one of the best things in UAE that women are very much safe and provided a special privilege in UAE which is not possible anywhere in this world. All the credit of this beautiful human act goes to government and security institutions who made it happen in this country. Though Country’s environment is modest but dress code which is against of ethics is not allowed, equally for men as well. Tolerance can be seen everywhere but the rules are good and fully enforced.

Rules, Laws Punishments, are made for the betterment of humanity. It can only be enforced if the society is free from corruption and security institutions are working with honesty. UAE is one those countries where society is less corrupt and security institutions or law enforcement institutions do not compromise on a wrong act.

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