Savior for employee-employer Disputes

February 22, 2020

Finding a job could be a struggle, you study your entire life thinking that you’d end up getting an amazing job but then reality hits you. It is quite different even in developed countries where people, might find good jobs and an environment full of opportunities. You realize that the world outside the safe walls of your Institution is just an illusion, a distraction until something big hits you. You go out searching day and night for a job and when you do it’s an achievement. You and everybody around you celebrate this. But all of this feels good until you come across a toxic employer or a toxic workplace. You won’t even know how bit by bit it keeps adding stress to your life, and like the dominos affect your life is falling apart. After getting a job you have to sign an Employment Contract, Internal Contract etc and it can also be a matter of worry if you are an expatriate and going to work in another country, where the law might be different. Therefore, you need to engage a lawyer to understand the laws first.

Working in the real world has its pros and cons. A lot of people don’t even know they are falling into this deep pit until one day they know they have been wrongfully terminated from their job. We often make compromises, we know that we are unhappy, we know this is not the kind of people and place we can work at. But finding a job becomes such a struggle that nobody wants to go through it again. Injustice, discrimination is a pretty bad thing to be used as a reason for termination. It is illegal to fire someone based on their religion, or attire, or gender, race, political views, nationality, disability. The only criteria to keep or leave an employee is based on performance, on merit.  Your employer can’t fire you based on you being pregnant. You can not be terminated just because you have a difference of onion and not agree with the ideology if your employer. Similarly, you cannot be discriminated against just because you follow a different religion. Under any such circumstances, you have every right to fight for what is just and right. This could add to your stress, there might be times when you might feel uncertain of the outcome of your decisions this is where an employment lawyer can boost your courage and show you that your rights are protected by the law you just need to place your trust in the system. Let’s cut it short there must be a valid ground to terminate any employee if there is then you can terminate otherwise employee may ask for compensation as well. Labour Cases against the company is really bad for the reputation of the Company. Labour & Employment Lawyers can be consulted for this.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, hire an employment lawyer easily available in Dubai and res UAE, who can get you the best compensation and give you back your dignity. These Lawyers have the ability to provide you with the advice, services and solutions. It is a point to be understood that only licensed and reputed lawyers and law firm should be hired. Though they can not provide guarantee these are reliable than others e.g. Freelancers, Independent attorneys or some times Small Law Firms as well