Remarkable Evidence about UAE Labour Laws

January 15, 2019

Ever wondered why the new businesses have opened in the UAE or why people have gone to UAE for jobs? The reason is that the free zones in the UAE, that means those zones don’t have taxes on their trade. The job seekers go there because they get the income tax free salary. The free taxes policies have attracted many new businesses. The employment rules are same in every area, except for the free zone areas; as they have their own rules and regulations for employment. However, if you have any issues with the employment, you can always consult lawyers in dubai as they are professional and accessible. As for the labour rights and laws, you should know that the policy of Emiratisation” does not work in the free zones of the UAE. Since Dubai has vast cultural diversity as people come from different backgrounds, so each of those religions are entertained well. The Muslims employees are allowed to take unpaid pilgrimage leave to perform Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage.  

Another interesting fact about the UAE laws is that they don’t know any organizations who are working for labour rights. That means there is no point of making a labour union in the country if they cannot protect the labour rights. Those interesting facts tell us more about the UAE labour laws than we could get it online. There are several labour lawyers who are available online. The Employment Lawyers in Dubai provide services internationally and in the local market. Hence, they will give their clients practical solutions to resolve issues at the workplace. The best thing about lawyers is that they don’t charge a fee unless they don’t win the case. This policy of “no win, no fee” makes the client say “yes” to the lawyer. But make sure you don’t insult your lawyer by talking to him something about getting discounted charges or tell them you could find cheaper lawyers too. The lawyers put their efforts to win your case, no matter what are they charging you.

Right Time to Hire Labour andEmployment Lawyer: 

When you are not satisfied with the working conditions in Dubai or if you are harassed by your managers, it is a time that you need a labour lawyer. It is true that the employees love their jobs, but what hurdles their productivity is the attitude of the manager or any sort of discomfort at work. Also, there are certain conflicts that affect the productivity of labour. Companies need a labour lawyer more than they need any other legal consultant. However, the issues in companies are regarding salaries and employee contracts. Therefore, before you start working in an organization and you need help, you must talk to the labour lawyer. He can tell you better what clauses shall you have in the employee contract and what should not be mentioned. Also, he should explain you each clause in detail. Some of the lawyers provide free consultation. That is only important if they are paying you a handsome salary package.

As soon you open up a business, you need labour first. Therefore, you must make the labour contract effective and competitive. The labour lawyers in dubai are mostly hired by companies, which means they don’t work individually. Those lawyers know that they have to manage between the management and the workers, so they make negotiations within the company. If the agreement does not work between the employer and the employee, the case is taken to the court. In most cases, the labour lawyers resolve the issues outside the court. He should understand the nature of the business and the employees’ interest who are working in that organization. The labour lawyer acts as a saviour to the employees because only he can protect their laws. However, when you consult a labour lawyer, you must listen to him. Never give him the feeling as if you have come to him to waste your time and his time. As a client, you need to trust your labour lawyer because he will be working on your case with all his sincere efforts.