Prof Fee Structures and Options

December 18, 2019

Everyone needs a lawyer at some point in their life. A wise person will hire a lawyer before time. He would know that when you need to take legal action against any incident, it is stressful and then you cannot work properly. You will need emotional and legal support at that time. Therefore, he will manage to have a lawyer before time. Often, business owners and influential people would do that. A salaried person would not do it or might not do it, because he cannot afford the good lawyers in UAE or Law Firms in Dubai, UAE as he might find quite expensive for him. However, when there is an utmost need then the salaried person will hire the lawyer as well. Wise people consult the lawyer first before a final selection and hiring. 

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, his work experience is not the only thing to look for. In fact, you have to see if he is flexible with payment. Often, a lawyer might be expensive for some people, because if he is charging a consultation fee as well. We recommend such lawyers are the lawyers who can help you. Lawyers offering free consultations mostly work with this mindset that just get a case, charge them and sleep later. The fee of every lawyer depends upon his experience. You cannot question them about high rates, but you can always ask them to negotiate.

Usually, Lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are little expensive becasue they are quite experienced and professional. There are various ways in which a lawyer can explain his fee structure. A lawyer might be charging you for an hour. It could be called a visiting fee. He will be making calls to the relevant people, and also managing the witnesses, making every document for your case, case filing fee and travel expenses. There is more to add in that visiting fee, depending upon the lawyer. Few might charge you hearing by hearing and few might charge you for the complete Case or Courts. 

There is a contingent fee, that basically works in making medical claims, or debt collection cases. The lawyer would decide a certain percentage from the recovered amount. However, few lawyers are also offering this for other Cases as well like Criminal Cases, Family Cases etc. It’s a solely choice of that lawyer. However, the flat fee is where the fee is decided by the lawyer and the client is in favour of both parties.. It includes everything. Sometimes, the fee is taken in advance. It depends on the lawyer how he wants to take that fee. But, there is no negotiation in that fee. There are many lawyers in Dubai who are well experienced and do not charge a lot. They will try to make their clients satisfied with the legal services as much as they can. Customer satisfaction is important in every business.