Over Time Compensation

August 16, 2019

As per UAE Labour Law Article 65: ‘The maximum normal hours of work of adult workers shall be eight hours a day or 48 a week”. The working hours can be increased up to 9 hours in a day, only in sectors or operations where it is allowed by UAE Labour Law e.g. Hotels or Cafes. But these Working Hours can also be reduced by the Ministry of Labour, in case of difficulties. Further, the Hours of Working Operations can also be reduced by MOL in the holy month of Ramadan. As these are the Clauses available in UAE Labour Law and MOL can implement it, as per the Law. Its is also made compulsory by the Law, to pay the employees the Over Times, and to compensate them for extra working hours. This is the right of an employee provided by UAE Labour Law. Salary Employees and Overtime is another improtanrt topic along with this. 

There is another thing to discuss here, which is the engagement of Employee in Crime or Criminal Activity. If an employee is found in such activities then he can be suspended temporarily from the date of the incident came into the knowledge of decision-makers, until the last decision. The employee does not deserve any salary during this period. After the investigation, if the Employee is found innocent, then the employer has to release all his salary and wages. This period can not also be excluded when his End of Service Benefits, have to be calculated, at the time when he has to finish his job. 

UAE Labour Law is a set of complete and perfect rules defined and implemented by the UAE Labour Ministry. Each and Every aspect of Employer-Employee Relation and the rights of either party is covered and explained for any kind of matter. We should appreciate the Government on the idea conceiving, drafting of the rules and proper implementation with justice. Whether it is the employer or employee, both are provided with the option to lodge the complaints if they find any injustice. The facility is provided to both types of Business Entities in UAE e.g. LLC and Freezone. So if there is any breach regarding wage, salary or poor performance issues, then UAE Labour Law protects the rights of everyone.

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