Legal Knowledge & Support

March 11, 2020

Best Legal Knowledge & Support: Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba writes in Gulf News, every week. He is considered one of the best lawyers in UAE. He is chairman of Emirati Law Firm M/s Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants. Law Firm is managed, run, controlled and led by Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, himself. Legal Article in Gulf News throws light on different topics, legal matters and disputes where answers to different legal queries are provided as per UAE Law. Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants offer legal support for every type of matter including Labour & Employment, Family and Domestic, Business Matters, Civil and Criminal, Property and Rental, Wills and Estates, Debt Collection and More. Law Firm is considered one of the Best Law Firms in Dubai and throughout UAE. Law Firm has a number of experienced Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Our Lawyers and Legal Consultants work with dedication, commitment, honesty and professionalism. It is the height of our polished and groomed professionalism that we take care of each and every matter in UAE with the same Care and Interest. We have clients from Small Scale Businesses, Medium Scale Businesses and Large Scale Businesses. We are well aware of the needs of Small Scale Businesses, Medium Scale Businesses and Large Scale Businesses. We are among top Law Firms in UAE becasue of few principals we always eager and intend to follow. Our Legal Advice Sessions let the individuals and businesses to understand their particular matter as well as about the particular branch of Law. Its also a truth that all the knowledge can not be conveyed in a single session but we do our best to let the client understand about the implementations, restrictions and consequences, as per the Law. Our Continous Approach and monitoring make easier for our clients to get a favourable judgement. Our Mission is to provide quality and result oriented legal support and services to businesses and individuals in the United Arab Emirates. 

Legal Services is one of the important branches of the service sector. here, the service provider has to be very much alert, intelligent, hard-working and capable of communicating and reasoning. It is an industry where you have to think, decide and act. It is an industry where you can bluff or manipulate the words. If you do so the result would be the defeat of your client. Respect, Good Will and the Billions of the amount, all depend on the lawyer and the law firm. Therefore it is said it is a sensitive and important branch among all the service sectors exist in this modern world. Therefore while hiring Law Firms or Lawyers, especially big companies, always spend time and hire after careful evaluation and investigation. Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants has worked with big companies in UAE and earned a good reputation. We are committed to only provide quality support by fulfilling the promises, trust and belief of our clients on us. We can be contacted to Book Consultation Session for any kind of legal matter e.g. Labour & Employment, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law even on Debt Recovery. Our Market Recovery services are available for US Expatriates and Businesses, UK Expatriates and Businesses, Australian Expatriates and Businesses, and more. Feel Free to Contact, UAE’s one of the best law firm, M/s Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants.