Laws and the Lawyers – What is Needed

February 16, 2022

The entire world and all the countries in this world are governed and managed through different laws. This legislation is done by the administrators of the country with law experts. These Laws are covering from small to the biggest level of matters and entities. These matters and entities are like financial disputes, real estate disputes in dubai, employment disputes, investment disputes, disputes with banks. All such disputes five birth to different advocates and legal consultants. They are specialised in Civil/Commercial or Business Law, Labour and Employment Law, Corporate Law, Debt Management accordingly. These are known to be licensed lawyers as:

  • Labour and Employment Advocates
  • Criminal Law Advocates
  • Real Estate Advocates

Further about the types of Advocates as per UAE Federal Law:

The types of advocates or lawyers are several more than stated above. The most important matter is to know about the law and your rights. For example, if a worker wants to relocate to Dubai for having a good career then he must find out a good job first. Then consult the Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai. These Lawyers will review your labour and employment contract, they will advise you about the UAE Labour Law, they will tell you about the smart games played by the employers. They will advise you about the termination process and they will guide you about the resignation process. Similarly, if an investor wants to invest in Dubai or any other Emirate and he wants to open a company in Main Land or Free Zone then he must meet and consult the business lawyers who are experts in company setups. They must be experts in business formation. Second, if a commercial or civil case is required then he needs to meet the civil law experts before filing a case. These lawyers can also help you to contact dubai Chamber of Commerce and the Land Departments to grab the details about a company or property. A general level of information about the existence is enough to get the idea along with legal knowledge.