How a Law Firm can Help You

April 20, 2020

How a Law Firm can help you. Its simple answer is by providing legal services. The professional and collaborative answer is by providing required legal advice and services, in order to defend your narrative, stance and subject in Court or outside the Court. Law Firm is a registered and established legal business committed to offering legal services. We will discuss here how a Law Firm creates value for the Business Sector.

Business can be three in types e.g. Small Scale, Medium Scale and Large Scale. Legal Needs for all types of businesses can be different. It can be different in type because the need varies from business to business. Small Scale Businesses have fewer disputes therefore they can acquire the legal services from case to case. Medium Scale Businesses can be like Small Scale or can be like Large Scale. They might have little need or they might have a big need. If the legal requirement is smaller then they might hire the lawyer or firm like Small Businesses, from case to case basis. If they are like Big Businesses then requirement gets changed. Like Big Businesses, Medium Scale Level businesses also need to hire Lawyers or Law Firm on a permanent basis. They might also hire lawyers as an employee or they might also establish the legal department. It depends upon their requirement and urgent need. Lawyers/Law Firms help out companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or the United Arab Emirates in multiple disputes. Financial Disputes like recovering receivables, managing payables, filling civil and commercial cases, filing criminal cases, managing legal procedure in public prosecution, serving notices, checking with Immigration Department and More. Apart from this, If there is any dispute inside the company of theft, crime, robbery, non-competition, the dispute with employees, then they also resolve such disputes. For employees who are working in the Company, labour and internal agreement need to be drafted. Such agreements offer letters are also prepared and managed by such lawyers. These lawyers can also be called as Labour/Employment Lawyers if they are only meant to resolve employment disputes or have only expertise in Labour Disputes. Sometimes HR is also managed by these Lawyers or a team of lawyers hired by the Company. Chief of such departments is called Legal Counsel. Legal Counsel is always the master of Law. He or She is considered the most experienced person, with amazing knowledge, market knowledge and good public relations. Such departments and professionals are hired by big companies mostly. Big Companies mostly have large operations to manage. They have hired hundreds or thousands of employees. Therefore they can have millions of receivables and payables in the market. It all becomes a big matter for a large scale company, therefore they need full time and proper representation by a Law Firm. It is a full-time need indeed.

Law Firm/Legal Companies also having a separate department for financial recoveries but without going to Court. This is called a legal process but amicably outside the Court. Legal Notices are served and followed by a team of debt collectors or lawyers. Receivables are recovered, payables are paid and the cost-plus time which has to be spent in Court is saved. Companies who are having large scale operations need the lawyer support and law firm indeed.