Labour Advice Covid-19

April 29, 2020

MOHRE Resolution No. 281 of 2020, states on the remote working in the private sector, states that employees can work in the office or from the office up to a percentage defined by MOHRE which is 30%. Others have to work remotely. This explanation and instruction are for the Private Sector. Aged workers, Pregnant Ladies, people who are suffering from diseases should be given preference so they could work from home.

MOHRE Resolution No. 280 of 2020, states the process of recruitment.

MOHRE Resolution No. 279 of 2020, states that employers should try to think about other alternatives rather terminating employees. During Covid-19, Employers should try maximum to provide utility to employees, rather than termination, salary reduction. Though Flexibilities are available for the employer during Covid-19, but MOHRE resolution 279 also states to treat employees in a friendly manner. Especially the employer who may find the lame excuse to terminate the employees during covid-19, could not do this.

Lock Down is also made soft by the UAE government.

Arrangements of the UAE Government is amazing, as compared to other parts of the world, the number of patients is less than other regions/countries.

MOHRE rules, as well as restrictions stated by UAE government also advise staying at home to be safe. If somebody breaches other than the restricted hours then he can be fined as well. It’s a punishment which is in the favour of the community as the negligence or carelessness of a few people can not be shifted up to the rest of the people.

Lawyers in Dubai, UAE are great support nowadays. If somebody wants to know about his right, then he can contact MOHRE or private Law Firms to meet with Labour & Employment Lawyers. These Lawyers will give knowledge of Labour Law UAE and special measures taken by the government for COVID-19, to people. If the employees have been discriminated against or being discriminated against because of the lame excuse of the employer then employees can consult the lawyer and lodge the complaint against him/her in MOHRE. Lock Down or restrictions do not mean that Law and Order or the Rules/Regulations have been abolished or removed.

Covid-19 is a new situation. It means if you have to suffer from injustice then you can easily approach good Law Firms and Lawyers, grab the legal opinion. It will provide you with a good amount of legal knowledge, helping to make decisions.