International Law Firms

April 17, 2022

International Law Firms is a terminology used for those Law Firms who are having more than one office, associates and partners in more than one country. Usually, such Law Firms have more than one trade license and offices. Such Law Firms are usually more expensive than normal Law Firms. Such Law Firms are hired by multinational companies. There are two major types of international law firms. Let’s discuss this here.

Types: Type 1

The first one is Law Firm with multi owned offices. For example, a Law Firm XYZ which is operating in London has a UK trade license to operate. Same Law Firm can have a business trade license in the USA to operate in the USA. Similarly, Law Firm XYZ has a license to practice in UAE. Such Law Firms with multi territories presence are called International Law Firms. It is one of the examples or types.

Types: Type 2

The second type is where a Law Firm only has a presence in one country but they have signed MOU with other Law Firms in different regions. We need to understand one point that all the countries do not endorse their judgements to other countries. There are very few in the world who endorse their judgements to other countries they endorse with each other. In this situation, one partner Law Firm forwards the case to the partner Law Firm. For example, one Law Firm in Pakistan has a client in Pakistan who has some unfinished business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi etc. That Law Firm will contact the partner Law Firm in Dubai to handle this matter. In such collaboration of Law Firms, the power of attorney is provided to UAE based Law Firms. However, Pakistani and UAE based Law Firms can have a separate business collaboration agreement or understanding.

Work with Associates and Partners:

It is found that such law firms also mostly work with partners or associates. Such Law Firms are globally famous and well known. Therefore, they always have to hire top law experts. It’s not economically convenient to hire a large number of lawyers on payroll. Therefore, the partner lawyers are hired for-profit distribution pattern.

Top Lawyers are Required: Need of Modern Business

Modern world requirements have been changed. All businessmen want to excel in business without any breakup, without any hurdle in sales, and without any issues in operations. Every business from small to big, want to enjoy a larger level of success and a great extension in the total revenue. Businessmen also want to cut down the costs and improve the market recoveries. Business depends always on a few principles, which are necessary to be followed. A business can’t be survived for a long time otherwise. Therefore, at some moment along with the best management and workforce, top legal leaders are also required for the business known as Lawyers, Legal Consultants, Advocates etc.

A well trained and well-experienced lawyer is the real value for a business. A simple lawyer with zero experience or a bad profile can only destroy the business. Whenever the businessmen plan to hire the lawyers or the law firms they must be considered what challenges he is going to deal with indeed. Moreover, his legal experience must be with the same background. For example, if the requirement is Labour and Employment Law, then the advocate must be from Labour Law expertise. UAE Labour Law expertise advocates are called Labour and Employment Lawyers. Similar Family Law advocates are known as Family Lawyers or sometimes the personal status lawyers.   


If you are having good affordability then you will not consider the budget value here. But if you are having the average affordability then budgeting can be a serious issue. It is also a truth that experienced lawyers are expensive and most experienced lawyers are also more expensive than the lawyers stated before. But the quality should not be compromised.


When quality is not compromised then results will be compromised. Quality means here that lawyers have:

  • Real-time legal experience
  • Exposure
  • Confidence to represent then clients
  • Previous good success rate
  • Good Reputation
  • Good skills to write legal memorandums  
  • Good skills to argue in court hearings
  • Good skills to attend expert meetings

Right Time and Right Choice

Lawyers must be filled at right time with the right choice. For example, there was a complaint against a person at Ajman police station. Police conducted the initial investigation and forward the matter to the public prosecutor. The person had hired a lawyer from a good law firm in UAE at that point. A lawyer from the good Law Firm helped him to finish the case successfully in Criminal Court. Good Law Firm is a professional Law Firm indeed. A professional Law Firm means a legal company where the business is run with commitment, integrity, passion, and dedication and it is managed by the best and best professional lawyers.

Consultation with Lawyers

Legal Consultation with the lawyers or legal consultants is mandatory but before the starting of the issue. Legal Support can be taken any time even before the very last hearing in court but the best time is at the right time when it is required. Lawyers in Dubai, are no doubt the best lawyers or advocates in UAE. They are experts in from Labour and Employment Law to modern Cyber Crime Law. Dubai Lawyers probably do not have any fame or name issues. They are the best advocates in the region, as well as lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Capital of UAE needs to recruit the best team of advocates in Abu Dhabi, from private to those who have to work for the government.

Drafting of Contracts:

UAE Lawyers are e.g. Dubai Lawyers, Ajman Lawyers, RAK Lawyers, Sharjah Lawyers, Abu Dhabi Lawyers, Umm Al Quwain Lawyers, and Fujairah Lawyers. These are UAE National Lawyers and Legal Consultants. There is another job they have to perform and that is to draft:

  • Labour and Employment Contracts
  • Internal Employment Contracts
  • Initial Offer Letters
  • MOA
  • MOU
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Side Agreements in LLC Company with the 51% local partner.

Drafting contracts is a quite serious job. Because no lawyer appearance is required in court therefore the legal consultants who are not UAE Nationals and can’t appear in court can provide this service here. It is serious in nature job. It is a serious in nature job were to hand over material to someone whose business and future matters will be dependent. It means if an Employment Contract is not made properly then it might create issues for either party. It will generate loopholes which means either party can be made a victim. For example, an unreasonable kind of non-competition, non-disclosure, notice period etc. Therefore, documents and contract drafting jobs must be done by the top legal consultants/lawyers in the region.