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February 23, 2020

Do you want to close a company in UAE? If yes then you have to cancel the Business License, Related Documents and Permits for the purpose. You have to basically inform all the government institutions and authorities, about the closing/shut down of the business so you could be free from renewals, fines, penalties in future. Voluntary and Compulsory are two types of company liquidation. Federal Law says that a company can be dissolved, in particular, cases like Duration Expires, Objectives are fulfilled/Accomplished, all assets are lost etc. For Limited Liability Company Cancellation, cancel all the employees. Liquidator needs to be appointed and it has to be attested from Notary. DED issues company liquidate certificate. All Fee needs to be paid at DED. Companies with shares, the complete process is a bit longer, but not complicated. The process of sole ownership is quite easier.

Article 78 says that Every worker is entitled to receiving the Basic Salary and Housing Allowance when he is on Annual Vacations/Leave. Apart from this, The employer has to pay it at any cost, if he does not pay then it would be a liability on the employer. VISA Processing Cost is also up to the employer, and it can not be demanded from the employee. The employee should be paid the salary through WPS on right time. The employee can be terminated on a valid ground with a valid reason. If no valid reason is found then Employer has to compensate the employee with 3 Months Salary.

Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants are always better than others, as they are natives and locals. We recommend hiring Local Law Firm and the Lawyers. These Lawyers are most reliable and these local law firms are most reliable as well. It does not mean that other lawyers can not be proved good but as far as being reliable and responsible is concerned then these local lawyers and law firms have more value as they are natives and they do not have yo go anywhere. They care for their, respect and reputation. Ideas and opinions of others can be different but we suggest that local law firms and lawyers are best and have an advantage.

Gratuity Calculation is a matter of much importance and interest when someone has to receive his right after leaving a job. The calculation needs to be corrected otherwise a wrong one may lead the matter to Court. If the wrong calculation is offered to the employee then he will definitely reject it and take the matter to Court. Visit the Article by Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, to calculate the gratuity.