Ethics of Being an Advocate

November 15, 2017

An advocate is a person who practices law. They are much more experienced than lawyers. The advocates are considered a higher authority than the legal consultants. The big cases are defended by the advocates, rather a lawyer. The advocates in dubai are considered one of the best options when it comes to resolving the legal issues of a client. Though, the cases might be longer than a person had thought about, but then the advocates are there to speed up the process and work with the client closely. When you are choosing an advocate, you must know a few things about the hiring of an advocate. You will find many advocates in the legal market of Dubai. Therefore, you have to shortlist the advocates on some certain criteria. Most importantly, you must figure out the qualification of the advocate. You must know that your lawyer has studied law from an accredited university and he has that on the paper, equivalent to the law degree. Your advocate should have enough experience to deal with your case. Legal Advocates in Dubai are the best Advocates in UAE.

The certificates are normally hanged in the advocate’s office. Secondly, the expertise is counted a lot. You need to have a qualified lawyer who is trained in dealing with legal cases and has a license to practice law in the country and the court. It is good if you verify his credentials by asking them questions that might help you in making your decision. The lawyers in dubai are working for civil cases, litigation and even criminal cases. Though the laws are really strict in Dubai for criminal cases, still you will require a lawyer who can defend you against false accusations made on your behalf. It is good if you choose a young advocate because they are more energetic and passionate, so they tend to deal with legal cases with a different approach. They will study the case in detail and make sure that everything is handled strategically. Last, but not least, the advocate you choose must have time for your case, and you must not force him to take up your case.