Employment Laws, Contract, and Rules

December 10, 2018

Employment Laws, Contract, and Rules in UAE & Its Implications

It will not be surprised to know that the UAE economy has been rapidly improved and progressed in the last 3 to 4 decades. This boom brought international business to UAE as well and they have opened hundreds of outlets, industries and stores here. When business reached here then it also brought the expatriate workers in UAE. Good Salaries, lifestyle, living facilities especially the tax-free salaries for the foreigners was a great inspiration, for the expatriates to come here. When it brought a large number of people here for employment purposes then it was also felt that a very comprehensive law needs to be built. Though UAE Labour LAW, has been, made long before in 1980, but after reaching to 2018, it has been changed into the world’s best and comprehensive law. It protects the employees and provides security to employers and employees.    

Sometimes, expatriates don’t understand the labour/Employment contract because they are not used to the legal terminologies. Though the contract is also written in English and Arabic but legal terminologies are always difficult to understand even in the native language. These employment laws, rules and clauses can be understood from the experts, of governments as well as private professionals. We strongly recommend to expatriates that before signing the agreement please go through the employment contract and sign later. It can be a bit difficult for an expatriate who is entering in first employment in UAE, but for old people/expatriate, it is a normal practice.
Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 applies to all the employees who are working in the UAE. For Government Civil Servants, different law clauses are applied. This Federal Law throws the light on employment contracts, labour laws and it’s respective. The Employment Contract is one of the important things in the labour contract. Whatever is written on the employment contract, is the basic ground you will be treated in the long run. Your salary, leaves, gratuities and other benefits are provided to you on the points and clauses written in the employment contract. The conclusion of the legal article is very much simple, employment contract, its rules and implications need to be understood by the employee before signing the contract. Though nothing can be written in the contract which is not human, the terms which are not suitable for you, implement on you, once you sign the labour employment contract. Be careful and grab the legal knowledge first, before signing the contract.